Friday, March 2, 2012


I am afraid my phone is going to crash or get lost or stolen, and my recent videos won't be around anymore for my kids to view later in life. My iCloud storage has already reached its maximum whatever... so I need to find a new way to store videos. I have already crashed two hard drives on my laptop from over-storing videos and photos. I've filled one external hard drive to its full capacity too. SO... I need to hire a digital professional or someone like that, to spend several hours helping me organize and store my digital mess. Any takers???

For today, I'll just post some of our recent videos. Not exciting events all of them, but a glimpse into what my two kiddos are like these days.  I know if they are posted on here, they will be easy to find down the road... right??  Even if my phone dies or goes missing.  Unless cyber space collapses or something... which could totally happen I guess : /

This first one is Annette writing words in the 'at' family. She can write more words than she can read.... which is a funny order in which to learn : )

Charlie's favorite thing to do when his Daddy gets home is to throw and play with the balls. The millions of balls we have around our house. While Annette would rather draw or write.

 This is the cool view we had at our recent circus trip.

Charlie can count to about 12 or so these days. Maybe higher if his big sister would quit interrupting him : )

Okay. They should be safe from being lost. For now. 

Have a great weekend y'all : )

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