Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closet clean up motivation

So, I usually teach a course on Saturday mornings, but I am also 'off'' a handful of weekends. I really enjoy teaching the reading classes (and the extra income: ), but it also makes me appreciate my free Saturdays.   Isaac offered to watch kids for the day even though I wasn't teaching! Nice husband. 
I thought, do I want to go run around... shop, eat lunch, go read at Barnes and Noble? Or, get crafty?

I surprised myself, and Isaac, when I decided I would rather work on getting our closets cleaned out. Wow. That means they were really bugging me, because I do not normally do things like this. My car, pantry, and other closets are proof of this.

But, for a few reasons, I was ready to tackle some messes on my day off. 
Number one, I was tired of the way these closets looked. Plus, I was a bit scared an organized friend would come over while the closet door was open... revealing my complete messy side.

Number two, when I am feeling crazy busy, doing something like this can help me feel less overwhelmed. Who knew ?!? ; )

Number three, the Rhea Lana sale is here. That IS the motivation I need to make myself clean out NOW, instead of one day when I am bored. Which doesn't happen very often anymore.

I went to Target, got a few more tubs that I could fill full of clothes that I can't part with yet. 
Then, I made huge mess trying to un-mess.  I am not a clean cleaner. 

I thought I would get it all done in the 4 .5 hours Isaac watched the kids. 
Nope. But, I did make some progress.

Then, I entered all of my items onto the website. Well, I still have some more to enter. You have until tonight to enter items. And I'm a last minute girl, so I will be entering randoms like shoes, toys, and stuff until this evening. You know, when the kids are occupied for a moment and I'm not fixing milk or food or wiping bottoms or playing trains.

This was Annette's closet before.

Here it is now. Lots of stuff out of there, but I still have plans to make it neater. That yellow shelf was Isaac's when he was little. It holds tons and tons of books. Those brown drawer things hold swimsuits and clothes we don't use very often. We have lots of dress up clothes that make this closet and one of my cabinets in the den extremely messy. So, I think my next project will be to organize those dress up clothes. It will have to be something easy that Annette can help me do, since we make a mess playing with them at least 3 or 4 times a day. I have stuffed them in that tote thing on the floor of her closet. Not too organized, but better than all over the floor. I guess we should be making better use at the top of our closets. Shelves? I'm not sure. And I should hire one of those closet organizers. But, I have lots of other things on top of my to-do list than shelving right now. Maybe this summer we can work on that : )

Charlie has an itty bitty room with an itty bitty closet. I have some drawer things in there, that are taking up the whole thing basically. Which was fine for when he was a baby, and almost all of his clothes fit nicely into those drawers. Now, I need to figure out a new plan. But on Saturday, all I got done was to rid this space of outgrown clothes. An improvement, but it's far from organized.

So there is a real look into the messy life of Morgan. I am actually so happy to have them more livable, and don't mind that they still aren't perfect.

Thanks to Isaac for giving me the time to work on this. You are ever giving.

 And thank you, Rhea Lana, for the motivation to clean out to earn some cash!


Kayla and Aaron said...

Morgan! I feel your pain on the itty bitty closets. At our old house, I had to share a closet with Madelyn which already had little rod space to hang clothes. I found these things at Walmart/Target that you hook on the clothes bar and it gives you a second bar underneath the one that's already in the closet. It was super helpful for Madelyn's clothes since they were small and didn't hang down far like adult sized clothes. It could be helpful if you need more hanging space! Here is a link:

Sugar Savvy said...

oh morgan! i am so so proud! i'm not ashamed to say that the before and after pics made me so excited. haha! GOOD WORK!! :)

Carol said...

AHH! I need to do this! Way to go - thanks for the extra motivation.