Thursday, April 23, 2015

small smatterings: april

I helped with Annette's class art project this past month. I took pics of the kids and had them draw/paint bugs for me. Free time isn't floating around right now, but I sure am glad I got to say 'yes' to this activity. Creating things makes me feel more like myself. Does that make sense? Maybe that's what hobbies are supposed to do. It was fun.

I wanted to make magnets of the kids. Bug Magnets to be exact. The pictures of each kid in her class were cute (I need to send the images to the parents, come to think of it). I added little antennae on the kids heads to make them 'bugs'. Yet, the flat marbles I ordered online were not too clear and it made the pictures pretty foggy. I'll know to choose marbles in person next go round.

The kid's bug drawings are hanging on our craft room walls now. 

My little treasures.

Also made a calendar by scanning the originals, with the help of a friend at Isaac's office who is skilled with graphic images. We put the kid's quotes ab bugs at the bottom of each page. Too fun.

I plan to give the parents in A's class a chance to get one of the calendars too. That's on my to do list for the month of May :)

I realized I didn't take one picture of just Jane Lauren on her first Easter... so I put her dress back on her and took pics with Set playing beside us. Not an easy task, but I'm glad I captured these. I wish I'd taken more pics of Annette and Charlie with my real camera, so I plan to do it more often with JL when I can. 

no time to rotate pics today :)

She has def chunked up this 5th month

Lots of fun this month with SPRING weather....

we got this SUPER fun new swing. huge hit with all the block kids. 

the kids love to make JL laugh and smile


Settie boy

They insist on getting in the pool even though it's freezing. 

our family feels pretty enormous right now. i cannot imagine 6 or 10 kids. 
also feeling enormously blessed.