Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching Up

I've been up to my nose in choosing finishes for the house. More time on Pinterest, less time on blogger. 

Have found time to enjoy this amazing weather. Although the little rock Hog game was as hot as I can remember. 

Set (and Charlie) have started Tumble N Play at the Racquet Club. One of my all time fav activities with my kiddos. 

Neighborhood fun. We can't wait to be actual legit neighbors again. 

A tree across our street had to be put down :((( despite the vitamins it was given. 

Annette has started gymnastics. And Is showing off her skills everywhere. 

My constant assistant. His first word will probably be Sconce or Built in. 

Family dinners

Riding a train around the Promenade. While Ike gets a special contact bandaid on his eyeball. Child pokes are a real danger. 

Charlie. He has finally decided he likes ice cream. It took a lot of work;) love that long hair. But I know I've gottt to get it cut. He's just so easy going and his laid back hair seems to fit that:) 

And this guy is now 9 months. He is pulling up and cruising and threatening to walk early like his big sibs. 

He is almost 22 lbs. and  Is as sweet as can be. Although he takes a LOT of energy. I can't take my eyes off of him. 

And this girl is growing up too fast. I don't like even thinking about the fact that she will be 5 in December. She is becoming more and more of a little best friend that's fun to talk and hang out with. When she isn't too busy making up stories or bouncing off the walls :)

And now, back to picking out lighting and bathroom mirrors... Which I have found that I absolutely do not tire of:)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grant Street Project: Month 4

A whole lot of trim work and painting has been going on this month.

Our carport is still a big workshop, which I think is pretty cool. Wish I had time to sit, take notes, and then build a playhouse in the backyard with the scraps and my own two hands. 

Inside the house, we are pretty much down to the finishes and such.

Our old back splash in the kitchen is gone (for the most part.)

The stairs have come a long way.

All old doors have been replaced with new doors. Check out those purplish doorknobs.

I had a paint date the other night. Paint color is by far the hardest decision for me. After buying and borrowing and painting over 10 samples (grayish whites, stark whites, ivory whites, who knew how different whites can be?!?),  I finally went with the color that had been on our cabinets all along. Dover white. It's a creamy warm white. 

They are painting all the walls as I type. Everything from the trim to the ceiling to the walls. It's all one color. I'm weird I guess, but after lots of thinking, I decided to go with what I prefer to look at. Since I'll spend the most time here, I went with what I like. And that's a warm white wash on everything. 

Fireplace is coming along. Brick will be going in the box deal too. 

Floors are still not in, but they're coming next week.

Master bath above, laundry below.

Closets and cabinets all trimmed and painted. I am so so ready to live with all this space that will feel so big to us. Just two more months (we think:)!!

Charlie is making sure they get it done right ;)

Here she is on the outside. Looking almost complete. She needs some new porch lights and her shutters, but she's getting there.

I didn't realize how far we'd come in a month until I looked at this last house post here

Feeling like my hands are so full lately. And I'm so so so thankful. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Charlie's back.... to St. Marks

This week, Charlie started the 3 year old class at St. Marks preschool.

He was excited it was finally his turn to go to school.

His best bud, Will.

 He held on to this hilarious fake smile all morning.

Silly. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Boy.