Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest Post --Solo Daddy Saturdays Are Back...So is My Perspective

(Isaac, as my guest blogger for the weekend :)

So now it is evident why you need a plunger at your house... It is possible your toilet will back up and you may need to plunge to keep an overflowing toilet at bay.

Morgan had left for her 7-5:30 Saturday teaching job (first one of the year) and I was stuck plungerless, trying to dress both kids, shower and somehow attend a 10:00 soccer game. Luckily, neighboring construction woke Nettie and Chas up around 5:30 and we still had plenty of time after egg-white omeletting (a bourgening Saturday morning tradition). Kraftco was our only remedy for our sans plunger plight. We made it to the Kraft of Co, a very old handyman store and probably the least kid-friendly place in the city. After a long wait in line, we had our plunger. I raced home, was able to pull off the unlcog and was ready to take to the soccer fields. Except, once buckled in seats, Spaghetti Annetti now had to potty. We did our business and were off. About half way there, I realized Annie was shoeless, so we turned back home while Charlie waited patiently the entire time. About this time I was thinking how tough my morning had been. We finally made it to the soccer game and stayed 15 minutes -- morning activity under our belt. Now, off to the regular pilgrimage of Mecca-fil-A.

There we met Collin and Sadie, two special needs children, at the playground. Collin's family of four quickly took to the corner of the restuarant while Collin preceded to help the workers clean off the tables and enthusiastically delivered a huge kiss to this stranger of a dad. I turned to act like I was tending to Charles so I could hide the throatfrog and glistening eye. Meanwhile Sadie, although blind, was able to make it to the to of the slide, where my sweet girl had the heart to yell an encouraging word to Sadie's mom, "She's going the right way!!" Again, the frog, the glisten. Man, did I have it rough, a stopped up toilet, and all these two had to deal with was the inability to communicate, constant strangers staring, being 'different', etc... What an amzing shift in perspective those two youngsters tought me.

Later, after naps, then some Babar and painting, Annette looked at me and said, "You are a good Daddy." I couldn' help but think of those kids unable to say this to their parents and the joy it brings to my heart. What my children are unable to provide is that touching gift.... the gift of realizing and appreciating some of the basics of life. A kiss from your child, a kind word, an "I love you," even a quick hug. To all the parents of those who can't express such things (including my very own), I hope they know the expressions and lessons their children give could be the most important of all.

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Cameron said...

Isaac, you're a great dad. It's great to get perspective on our own lives from others like the special children you met. The biggest blessings are the little things. Good job on your Saturday and I'm very impressed you found time to blog about it! :) Christin