Monday, March 28, 2016

easter 2016

easter weekend

should have had the kids wear matching, or at least a complete set of pajamas. next year maybe

puzzles, books, goggles, and some candy. annette is amazing with jane lauren. always helping.

brunch at the country club

easter egg hunt on the front lawn
(with my cute preggo friend in the fave dress of the day;)

 and annette took this last pic. it shows that jl was fussy this weekend with teething we think. and i don't want to forget that we made it through. babies are so glamorous to me, but they are a lot of work. i have to tell myself these things, or otherwise i would look back at these pictures and think those years were perfectly easy. HA

on sunday, we woke up extra early to make it to church early since i was acting in the kids program. in my rush, i didn't even get a picture of us before church. and after church, we were sockless, bowless, jl already had marker on her outfit, and charlie had chocolate on his. so, the family selfie of our messy crew is a pretty good representation of us lately. 

after church we went to my cousin sydney's house for lunch and to spend the afternoon with family. 

charlie and jl loved chasing the hen around

visiting their house makes me want to live in the country for a little while. especially on a beautiful spring day like yesterday. the kids were easily entertained with the chickens and creek and the open spaces. my other cousin sarah and her kids were supposed to join us too, but she went into labor yesterday morning! an easter baby girl, so so sweet. can't wait to meet her.

it was a very lovely easter,

and a great day to remember we place our faith and hope in the resurection of Jesus Christ 

and because i like to reflect and look at what we were up to last easter ,
here is a link to last year

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring break 2016

Spring break is great, but in my current reality it's not really much of a break. I want to remember that truth in about 5 years. We have enjoyed sleeping in til 8 each morning, and no homework or having to pack lunches. I cherish the extra time with the big kids. But, it also makes me appreciate school:)

We spent our week doing local fun stuff. We celebrated my dad's bday. We went to Tumble n play and the indoor pool, went to see the SEC college gymnastics event, library, zoo, playground, tennis courts, and spent lots of time playing the the backyard. Started planting a few things in our garden. And we also went to our new condo in hot springs on lake Hamilton. We can walk just a few feet to get to Isaac's parents condo, so that has been a really fun treat.

While in hot springs we went to see the mid America science museum. I remember going on a field trip here in grade school. Wow has it changed! Very fun for my kiddos. 

Charlie caught a fish without any help. Isaac was helping set with his pole, and Charlie shouts to Isaac that he had caught and reeled one in. Impressive. 

Settie boy. Likes throwing the balls all the way down the hills and into the water. And throwing rocks. Thankfully he is as loving as he is mischievous. 

Annette has a major mothering nature and I love it 

JL says 'kak, kak, kak'!!! At the quacking ducks 

Ready to start with the Easter celebrations tomorrow! Thinking of the gift of a New life and new beginnings. Need His new mercies every single morning.