Friday, June 19, 2015

Celebrating 33

Pictures first this time.

should probably stop shouting my age around... I'm getting on the old side. And although 33 doesn't sound that old to me, having 4 kids does. My four precious children remind me my energy is no longer endless and that I value things differently... for instance, I now highly value things like sitting in a seat, in the quiet, while eating an entire salad. 

I'd like to avoid the fear or dread of aging, boycott this culture of ours that seems to think the prime of life is when you're in your late 20s. I'd like to focus on all the things I was given, was able to do, what I learned. Growing old happily?

Not going to attempt a thought-out list here, but it's nice to reflect on new things and places we've tried out this last year. 

A new baby. New brothers in laws. A lil garden. A teeny tiny vegetable garden. Tiny enough to manage with wee ones. I am loving the learning process itself. The kids and I go check the garden once or twice a day. We pull a few weeds, check the 'ripeness' of each veggie (I'm sure there is a real word for this). A fun new hobby. And they are learning right along with me as we water too often, or plant the zucchini plants too close. 

Celebrated my bday my going to Dallas with my friend Courtney. I literally talked my voice off having so much fun chatting. Then, Isaac surprised me (told me the night before) with a trip to Chicago. What a gift! He arranged the parents and sitters and every detail so that all I had to do was pack a quick bag. I certainly didn't deserve such special treatment, but I more than appreciated it.

Thank you family and friends who loved on me so well. I 'lift my eyes... to the Maker'. Been humming that song in my mind a lot lately.