Tuesday, May 31, 2016


My dad has two sisters and one brother.

2 girls and 2 boys in his family. Sounds familiar :) Toni, mary ellen, and L.B. And H.B. 

My mom has three sisters and one brother. Frank, Kay, Betty, and carol. 4 again!!! (We were destined, ha:) 

All of these people live in Central Arkansas, except my beautiful and Carol and her fam. Very lucky! 

We do every holiday together. I feel close to each one of them. Their kids were my closest friends growing up... More than just cousins. 

My cousin Sydney, aunt Toni's daughter, took care of me and my sisters many summers. Took us to fly kites, swim, and to the goodwill :) I remember well her teaching me how to put my hair into a ponytail. With 'no bumps', I'd say.  I remember When she got married. And being the flower girl. I remember the day we found out she was having a boy (hunter) and the day she found out she was having a baby girl. Hannah Mackenzie.  We spent summer days playing with them. I went to talent shows at Indian hills elementary to watch hunter and Kenzie perform. I remember Kenzie being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and how Sydney handled it all like a champ. 

Last week, her precious Kenzie got very very sick. We prayed and prayed for a miracle, but she moved on from this earth. At age 21. 

I hurt for my aunt Toni, my cousin Sydney, tom and cart and hunter.  

Once again, I place my faith in the Hope of Jesus. That this world is just a passing place. 

Love and miss you Kenzie

Memorial Day weekend

Fun at the lake 

Kids caught more fish than ever. Annette also caught Rango once. Sorry Rango!  

Pool days have returned, and I'm so glad. I'm a pool girl at heart. 

Cabo San Lucas

I'm a lucky girl. 
Isaac and I left for a kid free trip to Cabo on Mothers Day. 

This couple is so fun to travel with. ~ And do regular life with. ~ Laid back and real, Faithful, forgiving, and always up for living life to the fullest.  

So good to get time away from our normal routine and relax with each other!

Thankful my mom and dad were able to take care of our kids. Not an easy task!!!

Hope to go back again soon. 

block party 2016 and Set's singing performance

the annual block party was as fun as ever

even had an egg toss this year!

Love our little community.

St. Marks Singing Program was a couple of weeks ago too. 

Set looked at me and smiled most of the morning and I loved it. 

I brought my real camera, took lots of great pics, and then realized I had no storage card in my camera! Ugh. Glad I got a couple iPhone pics and a pretty cute video (posted on my Instagram) 

He has grown so much this year. He looks less like a toddler and more like a boy who is almost ready for real school. He has learned to not bite <whew>... not potty on the playground <cringe face>... and knows about 8 letters this year ; ) The St. Marks teachers have been most helpful and a huge blessing.

I'm amazed at how each of my kids teaches me such different lessons on parenting and patience! More proof to me that we have a God that creates each of our hearts so very specifically. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Annette Dances, Recital and Talent Show

Irby's Dance recital

They danced to 'treasure' by bruno mars for jazz, which was her favorite I think because of the song... a fun beat and she can really shake those shoulders! Girl has more rhythm than her mom. 
She also performed a ballet and tap routine. The tap was really good this year. She says tap is the most fun. 

Forest Park Talent Show

She and another first grade friend are in dance class together, so they performed their jazz routine in front of the whole school. Love her bravery and confidence. 

I didn't practice any of this with her. I didn't sign her up. She organized it all on her own initiative. Proud mom moments :)