Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grant Street Project: We Moved In Part II

So I left off somewhere around the stairs last post... 

Here is the view coming from our master

Turn right by the stairs and you'll enter the den. When we realized this room was going to be smaller than our imagined  space, our framer suggested vaulting the ceiling. We are so glad we did. It feels kind of cottagey to me. Furniture has been in at least three arrangements so far. Still working on the best place for furniture in here. 

To the left of den, is our big table. I found this set of 8 chairs and 8 foot table for a steal....second hand at a thrift store. It fits perfectly. I plan to sand the shininess off the surface and might paint the chairs. I love their cane backs. Two Lights will hang above the table, but they don't come in until next week. The real mantle and new doors were a big change that I love. 

I still have to work on these two rooms quite a bit. They are begging for curtains and arranging. But the open flow from kitchen-to eating-to den has been so nice. 

Under the stairs closet. A favorite hangout for my kiddos. 

You can see difference in old stain and new stain here. There is part of me that misses the lighter natural stain. 

Now head upstairs...

Notice baby gate at top of stairs. Keeps my peace of mind when we are upstairs. Don't want Set falling down these things. 

A little book nook at the top of stairs and in front of playroom (playroom that is filled with a huge mess right now:)

Upstairs bathroom - minus a bit of hardware 

Fun mirror I found on amazon :

The bedrooms upstairs look mostly the same. I like the way the carpet turned out. And the windows let so much light in! Cant you tell from this evening pic? ;) Such a treat, that light. 

Jack n Jill bath that connect Annette and Charles' room. Those lamp shades need some trim or something, I think. Can't wait to make each space more fun and 'us'. 

That about covers it. A virtual tour of sorts.
Now to get all our stuff in order.....

Thanking The Lord for this great blessing. 


Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Deer. Our Mooster Set Turns One!

We had our family over to celebrate Set's first birthday.

i love these deer and evergreen cookies by nonnie


He started crying once I put his bday hat. Bad call, me. To make up for it, I handed him the thing he eyes most in our fridge.... the hershey's syrup bottle. That made everything allll better. :)

Big siblings 'helping' him open gifts

This face after I told him three cookies was enough for now.

Your favorite toys and your first word. BALL.

Aunt Lauren taught you to show us your 'number one' finger.... and I caught it on camera, amazingly.

Those four teeth! 

We love you enorMOOSEly, Wilson Setzler Smith!!!
Happy One Year!