Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

This morning Charlie, Annette, and I went to Sunset Terrace (The Little Rock Housing Authority Community Center) to help with a Valentines Day party for the kids that live around the neighborhood. The lady who works at the LRHA, Sabra, was inspirational. She is really trying to reach out to the community and make some positive changes by putting together these types of fun/free/casual events. The kids got to madk bookmarks and valentines, and had fun playing with Charlie and Annette.
We enjoyed eating some healthy snacks and meeting some new friends on this special Valentines Day:)

While we were there, I got to do one of my favorite aloud to the kids! I got to ham it up as I read one of the funny, funny Fly Guy books. It made me miss my old classroom....

It was such a nice way to spend Vday. Watching my kids have fun with kids from a different neighborhood. Hoping that Annette and Charlie will learn how much fun it is to help others.