Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We celebrated thanksgiving at my parent's house on Thursday and Isaac's on Friday.  So blessed to have them both in town!!!

And because I'm the craziest mom ever, those are the only pictures I took!!! That's terrible!!! Luckily, sister Lauren took a few more. 

I'll take way more at Christmas, I'm promising myself. 

We had fun putting the tree up Friday evening with carols playing in the background. Annette is extra excited this year. Guess she is remembering more and more what a fun season it is. 

We have so very very much to be thankful for. Praising Him for each blessing. 

- morgan

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Grant street project: We Moved In!

Before we moved all the boxes and furniture and chaos under this new roof (which we are so enjoying!), I took some pictures of the mostly complete renovation. Glad I did, because we are certainly wading through piles of boxes now.  I have had my hands busy busy busy, but progress is sloooow around here with baby Set. I can get next to nothing done while he is awake! I want to post before and after pics in a future post. Maybe once I have a teensy bit more time with two free hands.

One outside pic

She looks great with a second layer!!:))

Now for updates on inside...

We opened up the original small doorway and added French doors. That room is where we used to have our eating/crafting table. Now it is designated as our craft table/desk/office room. 

The butcher block peninsula is new. We took down two smaller pieces on each side to create a place for barstools. We don't have those yet. 

The new lighting has been even better than I imagined. The dimmers are one of my new favorite gadgets. 

But in reality, I've already made all this newness a mess. Hopefully, I'll get it much more organized in the next few weeks. But Annette and I are already loving this 'work' space. It's like our mini classroom. 

This is our master bath, which was actually our kids' old bathroom and hallway area. Same window. That window that I had to break through once to 'rescue' Charlie once when he locked himself in. I absolutely am super sentimental about this old/new house... and am thrilled with the things that remain the same since the renovation. 

Hardware still needs to be put on. I changed my mind on hardware about 3 times :/

My side of closet. Isaac's side has several more drawers than my side. Big upgrade from our teensy closets before. 

Our master bedroom, which used to be Annette and Charlie's bedroom. 

Now these pulls, I loved. Got them right on the first try ;)

Laundry room

Under the stairs powder room 

Found the tiny sink online

Still need a mirror

This is our front room when you first walk in house. Nothing new except paint, carport door moved in here, and taller ceilings. 

Hard it get a picture bc of the sun in windows.

These are temporary porch lights until the ones we ordered come in. 

This is what you see when you first come in. 

Baby gates are complete, but need to be painted. 

And that's most of the downstairs. Except for the little den that used to be our master bedroom. It now has a vaulted ceiling which you can barely see in the background. Then the dining area with fireplace is to the left of den.

But Set just woke up, so I'll do the other rooms in another post, 

Maybe one day I'll get completely unpacked and organized. Doubt it will be anytime soon!!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Grant street project: Month 6

November 15 we will be moving in this place.

I want to jump out of my seat just typing that. We are on our way to Fayetteville for the game. Kid-free thanks to my mom and dad. No better time to recap this month's house smatterings. 

Counters are in, along with bead board backsplash, but I haven't taken a new picture in awhile. Sink and faucet are in too, but I failed to get a pic of that either. 

The butcher block counter top for this 'peninsula' is supposed to go in this coming week. 

Brick for fireplace. 

Laundry room brick floor is in. Love that pattern. Still working on shelves for this room. 

We refinished and stained all the hardwoods. The existing floors were white oak, the new wood that we threaded in and put on stairs and upstairs is a red oak wood. We chose a medium dark walnut stain. They turned out great. 

Hexagon tile in all the bathrooms

One of the jobs Isaac and I hate most is putting up the ironing board. Sooo, we had this one put in our closet. It pivots and is hopefully going to make our whole  life easier ;) it has a door front, just not up yet. 

My side of our closet. I'm really going to tryyyy to keep it nice and organized. That's so not like me to be tidy. So I'm going to try to prove myself wrong. I can step on the drawers to reach the tall stuff. 

Bathroom counters and sinks and faucets all in. They actually work too!! Even the potties are in! They work, and so do the lights and air and heater....which has us really itchin' to move in. 

Two more weeks. Two more weeks. 14 days. We can wait. We can wait. 

Another detail I'm excited about. Outlets under sink. And the fact that they aren't cluttered. Yet. 

Mirrors going in this week. 

Wallpaper in itty bitty powder room

This is how she looks at about 6:45pm. 

Isaac also had new box wood bushes, grass, new rock paths, and other pretty stuff put in the front yard. 

We still have a list of things to complete:
Light fixtures to be put in
Hardware on cabinets
Powder room toilet/sink
Peninsula counter 
Sink and shelves in laundry 
Glass shower walls 
Carpet in upstairs bedrooms 

But Can't believe we are almost done!
Ready to move stuff in and make it feel like home all over again. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Croc this year.

And here are some pics from other things from earlier this month...

pumpkins in the park at annette's school

a few pumpkin patch pictures i forgot to post on last entry

annette's first school field trip to bo brooks pumpkin patch

and our amazing long weekend in scottsdale, az with some lovely couples

October was good to us. Lots accomplished on Grant Street as well. 
Want to post all the progress there this weekend. 
We have a move in date! And it's in less than 3 weeks!!! So excited!!!! Cannot use too many exclamation marks here!!!!