Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jane Lauren's first day at St. Marks

We've had five straight years of first days at St. Marks. Remember so well dropping Annette and Charlie off when they were 2 and 3 and crying in the car afterwards! Set was here just last year. And this time it was Jane Lauren's turn. I didn't cry, but I was very reflective and sentimental.

Of course, this is the face she kept giving me when I pulled the camera out. 

 She got nervous when we entered the building. Holding her little hand is the best.

Immediately started playing and didn't cry when I left her, which makes it all so much easier!

It felt like the beginning of a lot more  ' my-last-baby-to-do-this '   moments to come.
A bit of heartbreak right there, but a true blessing too.

Luke 2:19 ''But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.''


Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School, THREE at Forest Park

We woke up a tad too late and I didn't take any pics on the front porch like I had hoped.
But, we did find cousin Cruz and baby Nash on our way to school, which the kids appreciated  more anyways.

Set was excited about everything but nap time.
 He has this crazy hair thing going most mornings even though I smooth and brush it 15 times. 
I'm telling myself it suits him....
He was very brave to go into this new setting. Transitions aren't his thing, but he sure loves playing and being busy and being with the 'big' kids. Thankful their were no tears and no fits thrown.

Not the picture I had envisioned of these three on their first day of school together..... but it will do.
cannot believe i get to take three of my kids to the same wonderful school this year!! very exciting.

pre k 4 for Set.  3rd for annette. 2nd for charlie.

charlie walked Set into his room. really sweet brothers. 

annette loved finding his seat and helping him with his things. future teacher maybe?

as we left him, he asked me if dad and i could stay. i said we'd be back later.  eek. 
i'm already itching to know how he's doing. 

charlie is typically not-so-sure on first days. he likes the comfort of the familiar.  thankful he was well this year! last year he had a fever. we are also thinking of his buddy gavin, who has been sick with an infection. praying he gets back to school soon.

annette has many friends in her class this year with mrs thrash. 

she was giddy to get started. we are very alike in this way. 
i love her love for learning and trying new things. 

we circled back around to the pre k 4 rooms to check on settie boy. he was active as always, and looked to be settling in fine. 

we circled back around to the pre k 4 rooms to check on settie boy. he was active as always, and looked to be settling in fine. 

and now it's just me and jane lauren playing with stamps and working on mastering the potty.

i should be working on my to-do list, but instead i keep looking these pics over and over. so very grateful for these kiddos and the little people they're becoming.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

City Smiths Country Smiths; Fourth of July

as much as i love the city, i seriously love the beautiful rural arkansas country.

when i was younger, i remember wanting to be a farmer's wife. (that was a few years after i told the teacher i wanted to be the first lady when i grew up-- teacher unhappily told me i couldn't pick that. i had some lofty, varied, and romanticized ideas)

the county life is and has always been very appealing to me... the slower pace, the huge sky, the big fields, the cattle and crops, the feeling that you've gone back in time. it's so great... until i can't find the exact soy milk that jane lauren drinks at the charleston, arkansas walmart.  how quickly i forget (and then quickly remember) about biggish city conveniences.

we started the holiday out in little rock with a parade.

mid day, we headed to charleston to visit isaac's brother, jordan.

greenhurst nursing center is the neatest place. i so look forward to our times here. 
the change of pace charges my batteries. 

yes, this small town setting is good for the soul.
and next year, i'll be sure to pack enough of the silk soy milk.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Anniversary Trip: Nice

Nice was very nice. 
Isaac says it was his favorite of the three cities. Such a hard choice to pic a fave, so I'm not going to. i do think i'd most like to return here to see more of the surrounding coastal cities. we drove through cannes and antibes, and i wish we could have explored more.  but then, i'd love to have seen more of london too...

The train ride from Paris to Nice was a bit over 5 hours, I think. So scenic. Beautiful old farm houses, lots of cattle. even the lavender fields were in bloom. Reminded me of the movie French Kiss. I'm such a romantic.

The place we stayed was highly recommended by ellison at Poe Travel. I can't describe how beautiful it was. The entry, the terrace, the room, even the closet in our room was stunning. The pool won though. Loved the white umbrellas and pretty cushioned chairs. lovely little crisp details everywhere.

ended the trip on a relaxing note

We had a taxi take us along the coast up to Monte Carlo in the little country of Monaco. We ate dinner there and walked to the casino. WoW. They were much dressier and fancier and classier than Vegas (or tunica, ha). So many fancy cars all around the streets. They wouldn't let us take pictures inside but we tried. We enjoyed watching the big players at the tables and met some fun people from Canada and New Zealand.  

The last evening, we walked for about two miles along the gorgeous rock path that winds up and down the coast;  Chemin des DouaniersSt-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.

The little beaches and rock pools along the way had so much character. Locals were lounging on little rock platforms. Seriously amazing views.

we ate dinner at paloma beach AT SUNSET which was amazing

we had walked there, but decided to get our hotel to pick us up in their car back to the hotel. it was getting dark and we were tired. Ubers worked well in london and paris but they were very hit or miss in the Nice area. 

if we'd had another day or two we would like to have checked out a few more spots people had/have told us about, and would have tried to spend some time on a sailboat.There is never enough time to do everything!! But very very grateful we got to relax here and soak up so many unforgettable moments.
the trip gave me lots of uninterrupted time with my best friend and also time to reflect on our little section of the world back in little rock.  i would truly pick to live in our small-big city over and over again. with my people, of course.