Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cinco De Granto Block Party 2017

love a block party and especially one with a mexican theme

we had a taco truck, bounce house, some margaritas, pinatas, and a successful maraca spoon craft

mini squirt guns are the ticket. no one gets too wet.

I always wish I'd taken more pics at this event, because it's such a fun way to enjoy the pretty may weather with friends. BUT, i'm always trying to corral my little chicks and making sure no one is flying the coop (.... or being too rough in the bounce house or sneaking inside the pool gate)

Already looking forward to the next one.

St. Marks Spring Program: Set loves to sing

This is our 5th consecutive year to have a little one singing in the St. Mark's spring program. 
I'll be very sad when it's our final year! 

He loves to sing!! He sang sang sang and did all of the motions with gusto!

You can see the video here:

i love this kid. 
he keeps me on my toes to say the least,
 and is teaching me to grow and think outside of my comfort zone.
if i could only have as much energy as him!

Easter 2017

Easter brunch 

playing with the bunnies, trying not to injure them

by this point, both toddlers were down to one shoe

after church on sunday, we had lunch with isaac's family

love amber's baby bump

since we don't have any pets, thankful my kids get to enjoy nonnie's dogs

special kids table that isaac's uncle built

love walking up this hill to the 'kid house'
isaac's parents built a newer house next door to the house isaac grew up in. they have turned the first house into a really fun kid space that the kids love.  great for out of town family to stay in too. 

egg hunt and dessert

we had an egg hunt at my moms later in the week

annual block hunt

Enjoying this phase of sweet childish smocking and egg hunts.
Praying my children remember how wonderful it is to celebrate our risen Savior.