Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

brunch with santa, except we waited too long to get in line and missed santa. oops

on christmas eve, we had my dad's side of the family over for bbq and a potluck style lunch.
almost 40 of us were able to be there

i was the flower girl in these two guys weddings back in the day...

people sitting everwhere

 next up, Christmas eve service at church

then beddy bed time

christmas morning excitement

my favorite year yet. although i have a feeling i might say that next year too. 
God has been so very generous to us

christmas afternoon at my mom's house

love holding my nephew cole. i wish there was another word for your sister's baby besides just 'nephew' .... something like sister-child would feel more lovey. i'll keep thinking on that until i come up with a good one

then, christmas presents with nonnie, doc, and isaac's siblings

so much fun playing with cousin cruz and houston cousins 

for dinner, isaac's parents had local chef lee Richardson come in to cook a special dinner. 
no one had to cook or clean up, and each of the (7 i think!?) dishes were unforgettably amazing. such a treat. 

celebrating our faith in Jesus this season was pure joy