Sunday, September 21, 2014

Indian Adventure Princess

Several of the girls at Annette's school joined an Adventure/Indian Princess 'tribe' this year. Thanks to a kind and very fun dad, Mr. P, for organizing this group of fathers and daughters. 

Their first outing was a camp out near hot springs. I so wanted to go, but alas! The brothers and I were not invited. 

I did get to help assemble the vests. 

"Nettie Moonbeam"

The Hogs were a must. 

Tents were packed, but the girls/dads ended up taking advantage of the cabins/bunks that were available. 

PK grills, another must. 

This Yorktown Bay place looks like it was the perfect setting. 
Thankful Isaac took these pics for me (which I pleaded for in advance:)

"Isaac Fuzzy Fingers"

Isaac says she was in awe the whole time. Loved every minute.

Meanwhile, the boys and I got lots of quality time in too. 

I'm so grateful Annette got to have such a fun weekend with her Daddy. And super glad to have them back home.  I don't do as well without my two biggest helpers around the house. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Officially a Soccer Mom

Charlie and Isaac have been practicing soccer in the yard for the last month or so, and today, Charlie got to play in his first game. 

You can watch him score one of his (7!!) goals in the link below. He kicks it in towards the very end of video.


I'm just a wee bit proud ;)) 

The girls watching. Annette cheered with me. 

This guy was his typical energetic self. We took turns chasing him off the field. 

Stole this cute one from Shannon.

It was something special to watch him have so so much fun and get to score some goals. 

Had no idea I'd like watching soccer so much. I'm officially a soccer mom. And I'm enjoying it. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Charlie's Turn

Charlie started at St. Mark's Day School this morning.

This will be his 3rd year there, so he walked in with the confidence of a high school senior.

i lOVE him so so much! precious boy.
he couldn't wait to see his friends and start playing.

Mrs. Cindy

Set was ready to stay. He's been saying 'cha- ee?' all morning, wondering where big brother is. Brotherly love is a very real and very sweet thing.

he could not smile big enough!

hope he tells me lots of details about the day when i pick him up. but i'll settle for just a few.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ike Bday and a Labor Day Regatta

School days are becoming the norm for us again. Which I quite like. Blessed to have so many friends on our street to play with after school. 

We celebrated Isaac's bday once at home with the kids, once with his parents and siblings at sushi cafe, and once with my family. 

I had some helpers with my first attempt at Connie's famous choc cake. 

I'd say I scored about a 90%! Which is good for this non-baking Morgan. 

I 'let' isaac grill our steaks on his new PK grill. Yummmm

Charlie is into bugs, ninja turtles, Legos, and drawing lately. I've enjoyed having special time with just him the last two weeks. He starts his preschool school tomorrow. 

First razorback game of the season

Lunch with grandparents after church

The regatta boat races at the pool tonight

Our neighbor/friend/house builder/contractor/Boyce crafted this cardboard box for the annual race. His daughter Maggie asked Annette to join her for the ride. They started off a little bit in the wrong direction, but finished up with a little guidance. The boat was super well built... But I'd expect no less from Boyce the builder ;) I posted a short video clip on Instagram of the race. 

We were entertained by the Central High School band, which was so fun

It was a nice farewell to summer:)