Monday, July 21, 2014

Rosemary Beach Trip

We headed down to Rosemary Beach on 30A last week.

We met our friends, the Taylors and their 3 kids down there. My sister and her beau also were able to come.

 Lots of great things about this beach. The square, the greens, block parties, the bikes... they all give it so much character and enjoyment for our family. It's nice to walk to the little stores and farmers markets, and feel like you're in a quaint lil neighborhood.

Took Set a few days to get unannoyed with the sand. See the pouty face below.

We had our go-to babysitter, Callie, and her friend Catherine join us for the trip. They were super helpful. Stayed with babies during naps so we could play with big kids at the beach, let the adults go out to dinner a few nights, helped get sunscreen on all 6 kiddos, and every other thing we could use extra hands for. We did this last year too, and were SO glad we did. Super fun for everyone.

We ate on the porch, swam in the pool you see there in front of the rental house, enjoyed the short shaded walk to the beach. 

I love all the coastal interior design. The windows, the blues and greens everywhere.... My cup of tea. 

My brave kids held crabs, non-stinging jelly fish, crickets, and all kinds of stuff this trip. 

Annette and I are pretty serious about our 'drip' castles. I remember my uncle Phil making these with me when I was a little girl back when we went to Myrtle Beach every summer. Sweet, sweet memories. Hoping my kids will have similar ones.

"awkward posing morgan with a growing bump"

Oh how I love his blonde curls.
Charlie laid and played in the waves the majority of the days.
Annette usually was working on some type of shell or castle project.

One evening we ate dinner beach side and played baggo. 

Ride to the farmers market

We had one full day of rain, so we had some indoor fun in Panama City.

The doubles air hockey was by far my favorite arcade game. Although I lost every time. 

The rest of the days we had wonderful beach weather. 

Shannon, Baby Gray, and I watched as the daddies took the kids out in the blow up boats.

I absolutely get giddy every time I get to the top of the boardwalk and see that gorgeous beach. In awe of our Creator.

Our little bikers

Annette rocked the beach hair look on our trip to the famous Sugar Shak

Despite his confused face, Set loved riding in the trailer. 

It's become a tradition to come here on our last day at the beach. We decided to go for lunch this time, bc if you wait til evening, the line is out the door.

Some of the fastest 6 days ever. Totally flew by.