Friday, July 11, 2014

A visit to MD Anderson

My mom, lauren, and I went to Houston for her MD Anderson check up a couple weeks ago. That place is amazing! teared up many a times as we stood next to people who were in the thick of chemo. It took me back to those rough days when Lauren was so ill. I wanted to tell every person I saw, that my sister got through it. To encourage them. Give them hope. But I didn't, I just thought all those things. Because I remember when lauren was that sick, she did NOT want to be talked to by strangers... Or anyone for that matter. She wanted to get in and out. For it all to be over. And gratefully, we are at the 'over' part. 

The trip was a huge celebration bc of all that she's overcome. Her AND my mom, really. We shopped and shopped and ate big yummy Houston dinners. We stayed at the rotary house which is a hotel right off the hospital. So so convenient. And nice! They even took Lauren's blood for lab in a room right off the main lobby. I was impressed over and over with the whole place.

Ikea visit. Mom hasn't mastered iphone photography quite yet. 

Lauren has come such a long way from this pic that pops up when she signs in at MD Anderson. I barely recognize this face, but it brings back a wealth of emotion. 

Isn't she amazing?!? She beat cancer.

And It changed us. 

Now we will head to the beach tomorrow! Glad aunt rah rah can come too!

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melodymellinger said...

so happy for all of you!!!Love your family!!! Ya'll have fun this week!!