Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keepsakes: a sense of humor, mommy humor

A smattering of the things I find funny at our house lately....

Annette: Charlie only has one E in his name.
Me: That's right, and you have two E's in yours.
Annette: Will Charlie get two E's when he grows up to be a big boy?

I want to bottle up those sweet moments when I can see her or Charlie's little brain working and making connections.(Here they are watching the next door construction. Who knew it took so many rocks to build up a lot??)

Isaac put a hot dish under what he thought was warm water. Not too fun to clean out of the garbage disposal, but made me laugh. AND taught our kids a little lesson in science:)


Charlie will now randomly smile and say 'eeeese' when he thinks he's being cute and photogenic. I can't help but comply and get my camera out.
Here at Jason's Deli....

He also posed when he was half way up one of the jumpy things at jump zone and said 'eeeese'!

He went up and down several of the big ones--including this one--to my surprise. Little sam was doing well too:)

Annette loves babies. She keeps saying she will have a baby sister one day that she can be the boss of. Ha.

She would only do the small ones last time, but loved doing all of them on Friday. Yay for a fun, successful, wore-the-kids-out, play-date!

Charlie says no-no to annette now, when she goes to time out or something. We laugh. But not so much Annette:)
Some other new words he says: shoe, water, mess (his favorite word), pool, nigh-night, and truck and car. I love when they hit this lightning fast language learning phase!

Isaac's mom had a date with Annette the other day, and I got to spend some one on one time with my boy. Barnes and Noble....we both love:)


I found this bit of creativity on my shower wall.'s just pencil. Or it wouln't be nearly as funny.

My cute boy loves to get inside things and climb things. Like the dryer. And the top of the table. Scary. And he really, really loves to crawl under things now. He gets under his crib, our bed, my hanging clothes, the coffee table. But then gets mad when he can't fit under the couch.

This next one can be sooo frustrating it's funny. Almost funny. Annette can throw a fit. Big fit. BIG time. Most of you have witnessed one. Sorry. We are a constant work in progress.

I can't even remember what this was about. Maybe having to leave her paci in her bed. Or not getting the sippy cup she wanted. Or because she wanted to paint her toe nails purple that exact second. Oh my she can be a handful.

But to be fair, I'll show her being her sweet self. Reading, Cooking, and crafting seem to be her three favorite things lately.

I haven't been sharing my craft ideas lately on purpose. I'm storing them away for BLOOM(Building a Legacy Out Of Motherhood), aka Moms N  More.  It's a Bible Study that will start up again this fall. Comment if you're interested in joining, and I'll help you get signed up:)

While playing in the sprinklers and water spout my children are as happy as ever. We've ended up doing this during that tough hour before Daddy pulls up into the driveway. It truly is the simple things in life!! 

I saw this cute poem in a vintage-ish baby book at Savers. I love the sweet words.

...Begin with simple lessons,
On which they love to look,
Flowers and pebbles, and birds on wings....
Wouldn't thou a skillful teacher be,
Learn then, this alphabet.
Seeing the world through the eyes of my children is a humbling and wonderful experience. Makes me think of a verse:
Matthew 18:3
And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

That would be great name inspiration for a blog. Maybe if I ever rename this one, it could be 'growingyounger' or 'ourchildishways' or something like that.

I just love that verse. You know, one of those verses that you really connect with on a deep level??  It reminds me that it's okay that I am always a work in progress.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out on the Town with Our Littles

Main Street Library basement book sale?  Books for 50 cents and less? I'm there. And this weekend, so was my willing family.

Only picture I took, sadly, is below. It's a shame, because it was a picture worthy sight. Loads of people squeezed between loads and loads of books. Isaac was a trooper, even though strolling a stroller through huge crowds of bargain hunters isn't necessarily his thing. I felt a little better about pushing my agenda after he found a book he wanted, a Jerry Seinfeld book.

While downtown, we went to the Farmer's Market. We saw some familiar faces and got some purple hull peas, which are one of my faves. I remember shelling them at my Pop's house when I was little. About the closest I ever got to farm life. Which I'm still a little bitter about. I feel like I should have grown up on a farm. Who thinks that?!? I'm a little wierd. Maybe one day when I grow up, I'll end up on a farm.

Next stop around town, was All Aboard. Have you been yet? Super fun for my kids. I would reccomend going. Charlie was glued to the overhead train tracks the entire meal. Isaac and I got the spinach salad with chicken and it was really fresh and delicious. We will go back for lunch another Saturday, I'm sure.

The food comes around the tracks and drops down to your table! So cool!


Sometimes we will need to get out of the house, and have run out of fun ideas, and we end up at the mall. Like we did on Saturday. It's super close to our house, and its a great place to people watch:) My husband is so great... I'll even get to run in and out of a couple stores while Isaac plays with the kids at the tiny little area where they have some itty bitty rides. Our kids literally will play there for an hour straight. All the germ-worried moms are gagging right now, I'm betting. Sorry:) This sorry excuse of an indoor playground reminds me of a super fun indoor playground at the Galleria Mall in Dallas. Why don't we have one of those?!??? We need one. Who around here is a mall planner???

Here are a couple pics from the Galleria playground that I am still thinking about. It was so kid and mom friendly. Free, too.

And here is our park plaza version.

Our little trip around Little Rock was actually way more fun than we had expected it to be. How nice it is to get out of the house and out of the heat AND spend some quality time together as a family! We may not be the biggest, or the coolest city, but our family quite enjoys it here.

The wonderful friends and family we have nearby don't hurt either:)

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Monday, July 25, 2011


This was one of those days where we have done nothing exciting, but still note-worthy to me. This is a bit of what we do around here on a 'normal' day. I'm pretty sure I'll remember the fun trips to fun places and special days doing special stuff, but I don't want to forget how lovely a 'lazy day' can be.

Kids helping me sweep the floor. I think most of the day goes like this... Kids make mess... I clean it up...  Kids make another mess.... Kids attempt to help me clean it up.  Kids make a mess cleaning up.  I clean it up..... All day long.

After many dirty feet and PBJ handprints and some evidence of mis-used markers and who knows what else, I stripped the couch and washed our slip covers.

Annette helping me spread the PB on her bread.

I cut out a few coupons, and my little helper wanted to help. She picked peanut butter, ice cream, and tape. The essentials.

There is a house being built next door to ours. Right beside Charlie's bedroom. It's a little interesting around nap time. We spent a long time watching big machines move rocks and dirt. Charlie loved it. This is almost a daily source of entertainment.

I also took the chance to take a mini- photo shoot of us. Annette and I are still in our pajamas. Lazy day for sure.

Both of them in my lap. Ha:)

To get them good and worn out before naps, we played in the pool.  Love the ease of this in the summer!

Annette is 'cleaning' out our empty peanut butter jar.

Charlie in Annette's floaties. He will jump off the stairs in these and float around. Blow bubbles. Lay on his back. Kick to the side. Such a little water baby!

And now, Annette is still talking in her crib. Charlie is in a deep sleep. And I am savoring a sweet morning. Feeling overwhelmingly blessed and grateful for these ordinary days.