Friday, July 8, 2011

Fessing Up....

Fessing Up...

To my LOVE of Dressing Up.

When many people avoid, or at least roll their eyes at the thought of wearing a costume, I am secretly about to burst into my giddy self. I've always been this way. Even those middle school years when the cool kids stopped dressing up on halloween, you could still find me wearing a turtle shell or something equally as cheesy. And you know---having kids has only added to my excuses to dress up.

Proof of my obsession:

I keep a running list of costume ideas on my Notes section on my iPhone. A list for costume ideas for me. A list for Annette, and one for Charlie, and then ones that could go together for our whole family... And one for Isaac. Wish I could say he shared my love of dressing up, but he doesn't. So I usually try to compromise. Him being something borderline normal looking, and me being something more crazyish.

another piece of evidence that I'm way too into this stuff, is that i have bought one-of-a-kind vintage (children's and adult sized) costumes since before I was even married. This is part of my 'Border on Hoarder' side. I just can't stand the thought of having a Disco party to go to and not having the perfect thing to wear. Or an 80's bash. Or a luau or a famous couple's party. Let's just say, I'm more than prepared. And Annette has vintage costumes for when she is about 6 and about 8 years old.... hanging neatly in her closet. I would take a picture of them or tell you what kind they are, but then that would totally spoil them the day she gets to FINALLY wear them! Hope she doesn't mind if I am still picking her clothes/costumes out by then. Surely, I'll be a good briber by then. Just in case she has, you know, an opinion.



Isaac says I wanted to do this more for the dressing up, than even the free food. I don't know... It's a close one..... But, we went to Chick Fil A today dressed as cows. And it was way fun. Loved getting completely free meals. Thanks CFA!


Now for some past costumes...

Can you guess?

Rachel Zoe and Brad

Danny and Sandy, of course:)

Crocodile Hunter (as a teaching intern)

Office my flare?

A bride and groom. We dressed up for my first graders, since I couldn't invite all their families to our actual wedding.

And for all of those of you who forgot what I looked like when I gained 55 lbs carrying Annette, here is a reminder. To work with my oversized baby bump, we were a 'shot gun wedding' couple .
Glad I did a little better with my second pregnancy. I can't remember what I dressed up as when I was pregnant with Charlie. When I think of it, I'll let you know.

Groovy couple at a fundraiser

Redneck function in college

Wow. Can you tell who I am?? I'll be pretty impressed if anyone who didn't know me when I was this young can guess who I am....

Lauren was a Girl Scout, I was 'fire'. For Spring Sing in college.


And of course, I've found a great reason to get in costume every single Sunday... Being Ambassador Lightbearer for our third graders.

There are TONS more photos that I couldn't quickly find. Like Courtney and I dressed up as Ninja Turtles or me in my genie costume. Wish all my old pictures were already on digital files for me, so I wouldn't have to dig through old, dusty, unorganized printed photos. One day, in like 10 years, maybe I'll have time to sort all of them. But until then, I will use my precious spare time creating and finding my next fun costume.

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the osbornes said...

can I please tell you how glad I am that you have a blog now? Looooove!! This is awesome

Caroline Peeples said...

I already know what I am going to be for Halloween this year. And I only know because last year I really wanted a pink wig but Will wouldn't let me get one because the wig was coming before the costume (I didn't know who I was going to be - I just wanted the pink wig). Well, not this year! I already know. But I won't ruin the surprise... But I love dressing up, too!!

Kandace said...

HA! I remember the ninja turtles & genie costume! Too funny!! I share in your love of costumes. I hoard all the old ones (even from grade school). Spirit week during homecoming was always my favorite, b/c we got to dress in costume every day for school. Even getting to wear football jerseys on game days (since they wouldn't let us wear our cheer uniforms) was fun to me. Our little guy will only be a few weeks old this Halloween, but I'm already looking for him a costume to go with something that Jason & I can dress up as. I can't wait!