Thursday, May 21, 2015

Belated Mother's Day Post

This is the first year I have totally felt like a mother on Mother's Day. It just took four kids!! :)

Being at chruch on Mother's Day is a big treat for me. I get to be with my family and see lots of dear friends. And we get to put on dresses and bows. I remember growing up many of the moms wore corsages. I saw one or two even this year. Now we have 'photo booths' set up with props. Times are chaning ..... ;)

Second service, this guy and I help upstairs with our kid's program. A HUGE BLESSING to do this with him each week. 

I play 'ambassador lightbearer' and teach the third graders. I love it. 

My mom and dad and sister and bro in law ate lunch with us.

My cousin Brent Wood passed away a few weeks ago. I have some very fond memories with this sweet guy. I was a flower girl in his wedding. He often sang songs with us and played his guitar for us. A Green Grasshopper song was one of my favorites. 

Praying for peace and comfort for my aunt toni, uncle cart, and cousin sydney.

I am indescribably grateful to be a mommy. And even morehugely  grateful for the promise of eternal life through Jesus.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Block party 2015

Time for our spring block party. Have I mentioned how much we love our neighbors?! ;) fun hosting this with them

It sure is nice when your neighbors own the best cupcake shop in town! Thank you, cupcakes on kavanaugh, for these treats!

The clean eatery food truck. Yummy and healthy and extra fresh. 

The piƱata has become a tradition 

Sister and bro in law helped with our littles 

Kona Shaved ice truck 

We stayed out until the sun went down. Very thankful the rain stopped. We made some fun memories. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Weekend; Charlie Performs and a quick trip to Vegas

Our preschool, St. Marks, has a singing program each spring. Like last year, Charlie sang his heart out and smiled the entire time. 

Love Miss Cindy BIG time

We let Annette skip school to come see the performance, and since we were headed to Vegas right afterward, my parents just took the kids home from there. For the weekend! THANK YOU mom and dad! All four is a lot to handle, obviously.

Look who had on the same dress! Twinkies : ))

Straight after the program, we headed to an event for PARK in las Vegas for the weekend. Isaac has volunteered and served on the board for this organization for several years now. Lots of great success stories from their program.

I'm mad that I didn't take pictures of us all dressed up for the dinners and events. Guess I was too busy having a good time.

Laying poolside by this guy was one of the highlights.

If anyone needs tips on shipping breastmilk overnight to your baby, I'm a pro now. 
(I hadn't built up quite enough of a supply before we left town)

VERY thankful for the chance to take a break from parenting duties and hang out with my husband for the weekend. 

Makes it so sweet to come home and hug my babies.