Thursday, May 21, 2015

Belated Mother's Day Post

This is the first year I have totally felt like a mother on Mother's Day. It just took four kids!! :)

Being at chruch on Mother's Day is a big treat for me. I get to be with my family and see lots of dear friends. And we get to put on dresses and bows. I remember growing up many of the moms wore corsages. I saw one or two even this year. Now we have 'photo booths' set up with props. Times are chaning ..... ;)

Second service, this guy and I help upstairs with our kid's program. A HUGE BLESSING to do this with him each week. 

I play 'ambassador lightbearer' and teach the third graders. I love it. 

My mom and dad and sister and bro in law ate lunch with us.

My cousin Brent Wood passed away a few weeks ago. I have some very fond memories with this sweet guy. I was a flower girl in his wedding. He often sang songs with us and played his guitar for us. A Green Grasshopper song was one of my favorites. 

Praying for peace and comfort for my aunt toni, uncle cart, and cousin sydney.

I am indescribably grateful to be a mommy. And even morehugely  grateful for the promise of eternal life through Jesus.

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