Saturday, November 26, 2016

thanksgiving 2016

we had a great week off from school and wonderful meals with family

annette got new glasses and a new haircut

we played tennis several times to get our energy out

football in my mom's yard

we played at doc and nonnies house on friday for their t day meal

annette was a taste tester

5 turkeys, for real. 

nonnie's bday was yesterday so we had the family over to celebrate. 
we cooked a menu from one of her mother's cookbooks

very thankful and fun holiday week

Saturday, November 19, 2016

jane lauren turns TWO

My baby is turning TWO on monday! 
We celebrated a few days early at the zoo.

Jane Lauren loves to watch and read about animals, so I thought the zoo would be fun. 
Although it did rain all day right up until the party, which made it chilly. 

The sun started setting, time to head home.

back at home, my parents and my sister's family (family of 3 now, so fun:) came to watch her open gifts

nonnie made her amazing cookies for us again

love getting to love on this baby cole, because my baby will be 2 on monday!!! 

Jane Lauren, I am still so giddy about being your mom. I want to take your picture every other second. You are talking in near sentences. You say things that are cute and funny, and we all start laughing. YOU LOVE that. You love dolls and books and markers and puzzles. 
I am so thankful for these last two years with you. 

now, we have just two more bdays (annette and set) to get in before christmas...