Friday, November 11, 2016

baby cole

My sister, lauren, had her first baby last month. It has been extremely special to see her experience pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. Reminds me how precious life is, what a miracle babies are, and how God gives me/us more than I expect over and over again.

It also reminds me of those first few months with a new baby.... learning how to get by without much sleep at night... figuring out nursing and soothing. I don't want to ever forget how it feels to be in charge of a new helpless little human. The good and the hard.

Here she was before an epidural. Lots of pain from a balloon foley, but she worked through it.
40 weeks and 5 days I believe.  Longer than I ever made it! She is a champ. She had a great epidural soon after this pic.

I left hospital about 11:30 pm that night, i think. I barely slept, thinking i'd miss them calling to tell me baby was coming. 
Got up there the next morning, and she was around 4 cm. Then, around 12 she was at like a 9! About 1:00pm she pushed that baby out. One of the longest 30 minutes ever for me in the waiting room. 
andrew and dr. Wendel came out and shared the great news of a healthy baby and mom. 
with all that lauren has gone through in her life, with leukemia and joint problems, this day felt like an extra special blessing. 

wendel, along with several other doctors, were in the room when she delivered. 
dr, mckelvey (who also had leukemia) was one of her first and second trimester docs, but she ended up working on a special project for research stuff.  
so it was very special that wendel was with her, as he is my doctor too:))

now he is a growing handsome boy, who my kids and i love immensely. 
pain turned into joy and hope and life....
I give the credit and glory to God... sounds so cliche, but also my story worth sharing. 

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