Saturday, April 7, 2012

5th year wedding anniversary

The kids are napping. Well, Annette is in her room playing quietly. Isaac is mowing. 
I have a few seconds to document a really fun anniversary night.

First off, we are planning to go to Vegas in May (an annual work trip for Isaac). The plan is to fly down there a few days early to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. 

But that's in May. So we talked about going somewhere nice to eat to celebrate on our actual anniversary weekend. 

I've never been to Ashley's before and have always wanted to go, so we decided a few weeks ago that's where we would go. A fun treat to celebrate our 5 years together.
 (We actually started dating in 1999. Wow. So it's a bit like we are celebrating 13 years.)

Isaac is good. 
He made reservations for us and even booked us a room to stay for the night. A happy surprise I found out about around noon yesterday.
My super parents and sisters helped with the kiddos.

self portraits taken in the elevator

notice the heading :)

Thanks, Isaac, for making this such a special anniversary. 
You are an amazing teammate.
And I'll be ever grateful to God for His plan for us. 

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Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great time!