Friday, April 20, 2012

The only words out of my mouth should be praises to God


This is a bit serious.

This is to document how grateful I am for every second I have with family.

God, Thank you for saving Lauren's life. Yet again. It's so obvious you have a real purpose for my sister. Like you do for all of us.

I hate looking at these pictures, but they remind me that God is in control.

She is living in Northwest Arkansas right now, doing an internship type deal down there, working with sweet kiddos who need Physical Therapy. Aren't they lucky to have her?!?

She was stopped. Then, rear ended by someone going really fast. 

She flipped over 200 ft the police officers said.

She was wearing her seat belt. OF COURSE.

Her cell phone and every other belonging ended up in the trunk or out the windows.

Not a scratch on her.

While Lauren is in NWA, she has been staying with a friend of my sister in law. She actually stayed with her in Harrison for a different internship. Seems they get along swell:)
So grateful that she was able to come get Lauren and take care of her after this close call.
Thank you, Natalie!

How quickly this could have gone another way makes my heart stop. And look to God. 

Praise God for me.
Because it's doesn't feel like enough for it to just come from me. 

The only words out of my mouth (ever) should be praises to God. 
Eternal Perspective.

And a reminder to always, always, always, wear your seat belt.

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Boonies in the Boonies said...

Oh Morgan. I'm so thankful for a merciful God ago has his arms extra tight around Lauren. Thinking of y'all.