Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We have had a lot of Easter fun. A ton might be a better word.

My kids had a MDO Easter egg hunt on Thursday. 

On Friday, some friends planned a hunt at a playground.

Here are all the cuties and their buckets/baskets.

Charlie + Chocolate = LOVE + MESS

He stopped 'hunting' for eggs once he realized some of the eggs contained chocolate. I even caught him opening eggs, seeing what they had in them, and then throwing the rejects back on the ground. Stinker!!

This is Annette pouting. I can't even remember why. Oh yeah. She didn't find the 'golden' egg. 
It's a tough life.

Look at these two sweet kids. It would be nice if my children would sit next to each other and smile. 
Or even look in the same direction.

Inside for craft time and snack time.

On Saturday, Isaac took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt in Pleasant Valley while I taught. They had cute animals to pet and everything.

When I got home from teaching, we dyed eggs.  I seriously love this tradition. I remember looking forward to the dipping and painting and hunting when I was a kid. I still do. 
I decided to let the kids experiment with the food colors to mix colors this year since I didn't think to buy a kit this year. So, no pink. Just primary and secondary colors this year. 

What a great mixing color activity!?!

The last several nights we have opened an egg which leads to a story about the Easter story. I got the idea from this blog. 
I have been happily surprised to see how much Annette has enjoyed and looked forward to hearing the stories each night.

Easter Sunday. 
I scrambled to fill buckets before Annette awoke. I put things in there that would be fun for summer. Goggles, watering cans (they fight over the one small one we already have), and a couple other small goodies. 

Annette said her favorite goodie was the Princess notebook. She seriously loves to write and draw. She has written in the thing all morning.

Charlie preferred the chocolate and the magnadoodle thing.

Love that half eaten whole grain waffle beside my toes. We are pretty crazy.

Then, we went to church and had fun celebrating with our church family. 
Especially those lovely third graders  : )

We ate lunch with Isaac's family overlooking the golf course. Nottah-bad view.

 Still can't get this girl to smile for me. 

All three of them trying to squeeze into Nonnie's lap to watch Veggie Tales on her iPad.

These two are starting to play so well together. Can't wait to watch them grow up together as cousins.

We are headed to my parent's house for dinner tonight... 
which means more fun smatterings for the Smiths : )

Happy Joyful Easter!

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