Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Gala

Some of our closest friends have a daughter with juvenile diabetes. She was diagnosed before she even had her first birthday. You can read about her and her amazing mom on Sugar Savvy.

We are seriously going to miss this family when they are away for a fellowship in North Carolina. But, I won't talk about that.

On to the fun stuff... :)

We've had fun dressing up and going to the gala to raise support for JDRF for the last 4 years. Such a great excuse and cause to plan a date night ; )

My sweet cousin, Mackenzie, also has type 1 diabetes and has to endure the painful pricks and all else that comes with this nuisance-of-a-disease. It seems like we hear of someone new being diagnosed all too often.
So thankful there are so many who are working towards a cure as we speak. Or as I type.

That last one had a funny flash effect when it was taken on my iPhone. 
So I retro-ed it up with my camera + app.
You can hardly tell ;)

Dear friends.
I wish we had taken more pictures of more of the group that was there to support this family.

It is heart warming to see how many people have been touched by one little girl.

It was fun, Peeps! Love yall. 

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Kayla said...

Morgan! I love, love, love that dress!