Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's my favorite season. And I'm not fickle about which one I prefer. I've always liked spring best. I remember the great feeling of reaching spring days back in the school. In the elementary and high school years, I loved the more laid back atmosphere that spring brought. Testing was over, field trips were more frequent, and summer was in sight. In college, I specifically remember how beautiful Harding's tree filled campus was.... and spring meant that summer break was right around the corner. Which meant that I would  be in the same city as my sweetheart. Some of you are gagging, I know : ) But, I really did miss being with Isaac on a daily basis when we were at two different universities.

You'd think I love summer best, and it IS a close second, but I prefer having something nice to look forward to. And that's what spring is to me. A whole season full of nice weather and the wonderful expectations of a relaxing summer. Even when I taught school, I remember wanting to savor the not-too-hot days. I could see the big growth my students had made by this point in the year, which felt very rewarding. In those March days, I could also see the summer light at the end of the school year tunnel.

Now as a mom, I'm equally as excited for this nice weather. We are at home a lot of our day, so being able to play outside comfortably is second only to a long naptime in my book. Our neighborhood comes back to life in the spring, too. My kids, along with the other kids, are all over the place riding bikes in the yards and street, picking flowers, shoveling dirt, and getting good doses of vitamin D.  It makes that 3:30 - 6:00pm stretch between naps and daddy's arrival a lot easier.

Here are some of our spring time memories so far...

At Bloom's Spring Brunch, the kids (ages 2.5 and up) sang for everyone. Annette didn't really do the motions for the first few songs, but by the time they got to He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, she was rockin' her arms and swinging babies. My heart seriously swells when I hear little voices singing about our God. 

SO, what's my season? Spring-n-tain. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same. 

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