Monday, April 2, 2012

zucchini pizza

I've had them pinned for awhile, but I finally made them the other night. Zucchini Pizzas. So yummy, I've already cooked them again. Isaac and I loved them, but the kids weren't fans. I think next time I'll just put their toppings on either a tortilla or an english muffin in the future.

I couldn't find the ball type zucchini Kalyn used in her pictures, but cutting this kind into flat pieces seemed to  work just fine.

I'm always on the look out for recipes using more veggies and less carbs. We've made stuffed zucchini before, and liked it, so I was pretty sure we would like this recipe. Glad to have another healthy dinner option. It takes more than 3 steps, so this mom would consider it only mildly easy. Not that it's an any way hard, but it does require me to use both hands and takes some time to construct and has more than 3 steps. For me to label something Easy, it needs to be more pour and bake style. Or throw in and simmer style. However, I like the end result enough that I will be making it many more times.

Kalyn used her grill, but grilling is not my thing, so I broiled mine per her other suggestion. I put my sliced zucchini on a grill pan.  I brushed them with olive oil before putting them in. They sat under the broiler for about 6 minutes. (a bit brown on top)  And then I flipped them and browned them a bit more.

I skipped this step the second time I made them, and they were not nearly as yummy. I'll never skip flipping them under the broiler again.

Once they were a bit browned, I topped them with this Ragu  pizza sauce I found at Kroger. It only has 3 or 4 grams of sugar, which I love.

Then, I added mushrooms, cheese, turkey pepperoni, and some chopped peppers onto them.
These turkey pepperonis were on the frozen pizza aisle on a little stand. I had to ask where to find them.

Then, I added some more cheese.

Then, I broiled them for another 5 or 6 minutes.

Like I said, we loved them and have made them another time already. Another bonus... they are CHEAP to make.

Thank you Pinterest and Kalyn for your inspiration. You're helping me get ready for our upcoming summer season and our trip to Vegas in May.

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Those look so yummy!!