Monday, September 26, 2011

Octopus and Pizza Crafts

For BLOOM, my Tuesday morning Bible study for moms, I shared a couple of easy-peasy craft ideas.
Things you could make without much preparation and using just a few items. 

I've seen similar octopus type crafts before, but we just kind of did it our own way.

I drew lines on the paper towel roll first, so I would be sure to cut 8 semi-even sized arms.

Then, I cut the arms and let Annette paint the octopus her favorite color. Purple. I think everyone goes through a stage where their favorite color is purple. I sure did. And my mom ended up buying a purple car because of my obsession. Crazy. It was technically a light purple called Heather : )

 I talked to Annette about a few octopus facts. 8 arms. Squirts ink. 2 eyes. Lives in the ocean. God made them.

After it dried, Annette and I glued on pom poms and googly eyes to complete the octopus. Charlie will still try to get his hands on this thing just to pull the pom poms off. Silly boy.


The second easy craft was just a paper pizza, inspired my school teacher days. In first grade, we would write out the steps for how to make a pizza along with creating this paper version. I've made actual edible pizzas with Annette before, and this paper version is almost as fun as the real deal:) And requires less assistance from me and it will last much longer!

Re-use. My favorite R from the three arrowed 'green' symbol. I used a brown paper bag and a bowl to trace a circle. Then, I rolled up the edges to create a crust.

Then, Annette painted the red sauce on.  While it dried, she cut up 'cheese' pieces. I cut out some circles for pepperoni. I tried to use words like, 'first, second, third', and  'Finally, we will add the pepperoni', to build in some indirect vocabulary teaching along the way.

Voila! Finished paper pizza. We have played with it in her play kitchen, and now that I've already shown the BLOOM moms the final product, I may cut it into slices so we can play with it in a different way. I may even throw around some fraction language while doing so.

Several people have told me they have already done these crafts at their house since Tuesday, too!
 My friend, Amanda, sent me these cute pics of Jack making his own paper pizza.

Who knew brown paper bags could look so yummy?? :)


Keepsakes: Cooking to Chalking

Some of this week's moments I don't want to forget.

For isaac's birthday I reserved us a couple spots in Donnie Ferneau's cooking class at Eggshells just down the road from our house. We watched him cook mussles, two types of delicious fish, an several vegetable dishes. Then we ate it all. It was so so fun. Hope we get to do it again soon.

We asked Annette to take our picture. I tried to make it look a little cooler with Camera+.

The second attempt was better:)

Another memorable moment:

When Isaac returns home from work, Annette says... "Hi daddy! I saw you on Facebook today." which is so hilarious to us. Because it was so random and untrue. And Because I guess she hears me say that to other people. She is a hoot.

With all this nice weather, we played with chalk a lot this week. Made hop scotch games and practiced forming letters.

Her newest letter obsession... P's and d's.

Charlie's latest words are:
Apple, light, down, walk (as in, put me in stroller and take me on a walk), fish, cup, shoes, some ABC's, one two, night night.

We saw a caterpillar this week. An unusual looking one. My kids were in awe.

I went to Duck Duck Goose last week as a consignor and a shopper. I made more than expected and bought a lot too. Love these sales. I got this cute mini Boden outfit for a great deal.

She's my cutie. Love her to pieces.

We also went to the Disney Princess thing at Verizon arena today. It was a wonderful outing. Filled with friends and popcorn and fancy dresses and princesses.

So those are this week's Keepsakes. Moments I want to hold on to in the midst of these precious, fly-by years.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Randomness: Catching up

Some of the random stuff we've been up to the past week.

My mom and dad took our family to eat at Brownings. My parents used to go there on dates back in the day, so it was fun to enjoy the nostalgic updated/newly renovated restaurant up the road from our house. It was such a nice night, we all just walked there.


Charlie has always been my cuddler. Which so melts me. I'm a huge affection-needy person. And lately, he has started hugging our necks. Tightly. And sporadically. Sounds simple, but until you've felt it, you just can't understand. I guess it reminds me of those really good huggers that we meet in life. I have a mental list of people who give really good hugs. Charlie just made it onto my list.


My friend was so good to organize a little ballet class for our toddler girls. She found a friend to come teach our kiddies ballet at a church for half an hour each week. Such a good idea! The girls love it... And it's free and not too structured. So nice. We will probably do a 'real' class next year or the next year, but this is just perfect for us right now.

Charlie wanted to participate too:)


My Dad watching kids while I tutor.

We have been outside a LOT this past week. Loving the weather.

Charlie is way into keys right now, so this picture is so him right now.

We went to hear Robert Earl Keen on Friday night. He played our favorite old songs. Felt young again:)

Then we went to the JDRF walk on Saturday morning to support our little friend, Ada.

We had some friends from west Memphis over for dinner last night. Isaac made some amazing sliders.

Then we were off to church this morning.

Taking a rest in the middle of the sidewalk after church this morning. It was raining on the way to church and we were all huddled under the umbrella when it closed in on us. So hilarious. I dropped my open DDP all over our feet and Isaac was holding both kids and we were a mess. And Isaac and I looked at each other and started laughing so hard. Im sure the people around us were very curious. A memory I don't want to forget.

And here we are at the end of the weekend. Just put my sweet Annette to bed. Read books and sang songs and prayed a very grateful prayer.

And now we are ready to start a new, busy, and full week.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy breezy week

Fall has really returned! Love this cooler weather, but with the breeze has come the busies. I'm already missing long lazy days at the pool. And trying to keep up with a fuller calendar.

Being able to enjoy outdoor playgrounds again is a nice trade off for all the pool time, though. This past week we soaked up the nice weather at the park that's a couple streets over, and at the church playground and even just in our yard. My kids have recently started playing with shovels and rocks. Pouring pebbles into dump trucks and buckets and getting so filthy their skin literally turns grayish black. Even at the park where there are slides and swings galore, my kiddies are digging up the dirt. We've already ruined two pairs of shoes by wading through rocks and tar pieces. And lost half of another pair. BTW, It's so annoying to have only one shoe. I can't stand to get rid of the solo shoe for at least a year. I'm always hopeful its match will turn up somewhere.

Aside from playing with my children, indoors or outdoors, I've felt pretty busy with tasks. Last week, I juggled grading lots of course papers, junior league meetings, tutoring sessions, prepping third grade church lessons, pricing Duck Duck Goose clothes, hosting community group, preparing for Bloom, taking an online course, and all the usual household chores. I am glad to be busy. I prefer to be busy. But, after a lazy summer, I feel a little shocked back into the swing of things.

My Dad watched the kids for me while I tutored on Tuesday. Both Annette and Charlie were unusually still for one second in my parent's driveway. So I snapped this cute picture. They are looking so big these days!

Thankfully, my evenings were more relaxing than busy.

We went over to a neighbors house one night. Their backyard seems to call out to my kids by name. And Isaac and I love chatting with Brian and Shannon.

Look at my husband. What a great Dad! Love that he can relax with us as a family.

One night, we cooked dinner and Isaac suggested eating it on our patio. Love him. It was like a date... at our own house. Cheesy, but true. We just ate in a different spot at our house and it made for an extra super evening.

Another evening we helped Isaac's sister move some furniture. Charlie actually walked over to try to help his dad carry the dresser. I love that he already wants to help with 'man' stuff. He grunted as he tried to lift it and everything.

We went to Nonnie's house on Wednesday for a visit and Annette and Charlie got to help her make some pie crusts.

That's some of the random stuff we squeezed into a busy week. nothing terribly exciting, but still fun:)

This weekend we went to the razorback game. My ever giving mom and dad watched the kids all afternoon and overnight for us. So nice!

-This was supposed to be a photo, not a video.. Oh well. I really should have taken more pictures.

Then, we had our small group over tonight to discuss our Hebrews study. Which is one of my favorite things about getting back into fall-- community group has started back up. Love talking about all kinds of things with some dear, dear friends.

My women's bible study starts back up this week! Super excited to meet some new people and enjoy other moms' company.

So, the breeze and the busies. Juggling tasks and roles. Soaking it up. Seasons. It all 'blows' by so fast:)

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Preschool Pep-Rally

I've been missing pep rallies. The kind where there were megaphones, chants, spirit sticks, football jerseys, and tumbling. While many dreaded them-- they actually, really got me in the football spirit. Really. I miss them. Ask Isaac. I even threatened to get on stage and lead cheers the other day at a sports-themed church event.

Lucky for me, my children like 'putting a little pep in their step' as much as their momma.

 Thanks to my organized friend, Mandy, a group of us met at Baker Park to get us and our wee ones in the Razorback football spirit.

Annette was so excited for this party. She couldn't wait to put on her cheerleader's outfit, as she calls it. It's a pretty funny story how she ended up with that thing. We had been driving around town with my mom when we got hungry and decided to eat somewhere near where we were... Cracker Barrell. By the time my mom wove through the parking lot to get a spot, Annette had become car sick all over herself. Ewww. We stripped her down and hoped the store section would have something for her to put on. Walked my child into a restaurant naked. Oh, my Arkansan self.  I knew she wasn't actually sick, because she has been car sick before. Plus, she felt perfect once out of the car. She unfortunately inherited my car sickness gene.

We had some pretty good tree climbers.

My camera was out of battery juice, so my super friend Courtney let me borrow hers to snap pictures. Thanks again, 'friend-who-always-bails-me-out-of-binds'.

Painting our Run-Through!

Several failed attempts at breaking it, but finally the macho Noah broke through ; )

My attempt at strawberry razorbacks. Pretty lame effort by me. I was hoping to add little cheese (or marshmallow) tusks and red twizzler tails. However, I ran out of that precious stuff. Time.

Here are some more cute crafty snack foods.

 We made these 'fist' print razorbacks, too. A bit of a stretch, I know : )

We glued the letters on at home.

A very fun morning. And we went swimming this afternoon. And then we went to eat mexican when Isaac got home. And then had Orange Leaf for dessert.  My kids are just a bit spoiled. And now we are at my parent's house where we are staying for the night since I'm teaching in NLR tomorrow, and my parents are watching the kids for me.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

A few minutes ago, My Dad asked Annette what she did today.... and after all of the day's events, I wondered what she would pick as the most mentionable.
She answered him in the most enthusiastic voice, "We went to a Razorback kid party, Grandad!!!"

Making the Pep Rally worth the effort. Sweat, mess, and all.