Friday, September 2, 2011

Preschool Pep-Rally

I've been missing pep rallies. The kind where there were megaphones, chants, spirit sticks, football jerseys, and tumbling. While many dreaded them-- they actually, really got me in the football spirit. Really. I miss them. Ask Isaac. I even threatened to get on stage and lead cheers the other day at a sports-themed church event.

Lucky for me, my children like 'putting a little pep in their step' as much as their momma.

 Thanks to my organized friend, Mandy, a group of us met at Baker Park to get us and our wee ones in the Razorback football spirit.

Annette was so excited for this party. She couldn't wait to put on her cheerleader's outfit, as she calls it. It's a pretty funny story how she ended up with that thing. We had been driving around town with my mom when we got hungry and decided to eat somewhere near where we were... Cracker Barrell. By the time my mom wove through the parking lot to get a spot, Annette had become car sick all over herself. Ewww. We stripped her down and hoped the store section would have something for her to put on. Walked my child into a restaurant naked. Oh, my Arkansan self.  I knew she wasn't actually sick, because she has been car sick before. Plus, she felt perfect once out of the car. She unfortunately inherited my car sickness gene.

We had some pretty good tree climbers.

My camera was out of battery juice, so my super friend Courtney let me borrow hers to snap pictures. Thanks again, 'friend-who-always-bails-me-out-of-binds'.

Painting our Run-Through!

Several failed attempts at breaking it, but finally the macho Noah broke through ; )

My attempt at strawberry razorbacks. Pretty lame effort by me. I was hoping to add little cheese (or marshmallow) tusks and red twizzler tails. However, I ran out of that precious stuff. Time.

Here are some more cute crafty snack foods.

 We made these 'fist' print razorbacks, too. A bit of a stretch, I know : )

We glued the letters on at home.

A very fun morning. And we went swimming this afternoon. And then we went to eat mexican when Isaac got home. And then had Orange Leaf for dessert.  My kids are just a bit spoiled. And now we are at my parent's house where we are staying for the night since I'm teaching in NLR tomorrow, and my parents are watching the kids for me.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

A few minutes ago, My Dad asked Annette what she did today.... and after all of the day's events, I wondered what she would pick as the most mentionable.
She answered him in the most enthusiastic voice, "We went to a Razorback kid party, Grandad!!!"

Making the Pep Rally worth the effort. Sweat, mess, and all.

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the osbornes said...

I called it a Tailgate Playdate, but I think I like Preschool Pep Rally even better! You got some great pics!