Monday, September 26, 2011

Keepsakes: Cooking to Chalking

Some of this week's moments I don't want to forget.

For isaac's birthday I reserved us a couple spots in Donnie Ferneau's cooking class at Eggshells just down the road from our house. We watched him cook mussles, two types of delicious fish, an several vegetable dishes. Then we ate it all. It was so so fun. Hope we get to do it again soon.

We asked Annette to take our picture. I tried to make it look a little cooler with Camera+.

The second attempt was better:)

Another memorable moment:

When Isaac returns home from work, Annette says... "Hi daddy! I saw you on Facebook today." which is so hilarious to us. Because it was so random and untrue. And Because I guess she hears me say that to other people. She is a hoot.

With all this nice weather, we played with chalk a lot this week. Made hop scotch games and practiced forming letters.

Her newest letter obsession... P's and d's.

Charlie's latest words are:
Apple, light, down, walk (as in, put me in stroller and take me on a walk), fish, cup, shoes, some ABC's, one two, night night.

We saw a caterpillar this week. An unusual looking one. My kids were in awe.

I went to Duck Duck Goose last week as a consignor and a shopper. I made more than expected and bought a lot too. Love these sales. I got this cute mini Boden outfit for a great deal.

She's my cutie. Love her to pieces.

We also went to the Disney Princess thing at Verizon arena today. It was a wonderful outing. Filled with friends and popcorn and fancy dresses and princesses.

So those are this week's Keepsakes. Moments I want to hold on to in the midst of these precious, fly-by years.

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the osbornes said...

Morgan you are such a fun mommy AND a great writer! That last sentence is perfect! :)