Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jane Lauren 8 months

I'm not sure how much she weighs or how long she is, but I do know that she started sleeping through the night this month!!! Maybe the nicest milestone. Will find our her stats at her 9 month check up.

trying to crawl, but only makes it a few feet so far

d group wiffle ball game, she just played on a blanket most of the time

one of the most fun baby stages
SOAKING it up. SOAKING her up.

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

Big fun weekend celebrating America!

We decorated our golf cart for a parade.

Jane Lauren fell asleep in her Daddy's arms. 

Popcorn and donuts at CCLR

Mid afternoon-- timed with baby's naps-- we drove about 2.5hrs up to Charleston, AR to see Isaac's brother Jordan. He lives at one of the nicest nursing homes I've ever seen, Greenhurst. 

Water balloons, pool, slip n slide, bikes,balls, bubbles, chalk, and the cutest baby around ;)

Pictures of Jordan's family line the walls, almost like wallpaper. 

Jane Lauren watched the fireworks as relaxed as could be. Set kept saying 'inside, mommy', and 'me not like that, mommy'. We made it through about half of the show and then I put the babies to bed. The big kids stayed up with Isaac to shoot some small fireworks with Cruz.

This has become such a special family tradition.  We love seeing Jordan and enjoying his beautiful home. Annette was even asked at school which season was her favorite. She wrote all about how she loved summer the most, because she got to go see her Uncle Jordan on the fourth of July. I teared up when I saw her writing hanging in the hallway. Now it will be hanging in Charleston, Arkansas, with Jordan.