Monday, April 29, 2013

The big move

If my thousands of Pinterest house pins and requests for boxes weren't obvious enough, the Smiths have moving on their list.

Gratefully, we won't be leaving our street/familiar yard/best neighbors ever, for good.

Several months ago we had an architect draw up plans to build an addition that would give us more space. specifically more bedrooms (one that we could use as a playroom) and a laundry room. He drew up some really great options, and the best idea happened to be to build a second story on top of our existing floor plan. I still can't believe we are actually going to get to do this! It's very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I love to dream, so I've enjoyed the creative process. Meanwhile, there is a small side of me that is worried our choices could be all wrong once it's actually built. Luckily, I'm too positive a thinker to linger there:)

Sooooo. We have been boxing up our belongings for weeks. And we had movers come on Sunday to move us down a couple of roads to a rent house. It's amazing how I can type that event with two sentences, whereas in actuality that event felt long and momentous.

As bad timing would have it, Set has two ear infections (that are really finally bothering him) and Charlie had a mild stomach bug (which I managed to catch://). Meaning Isaac had to shoulder the whole moving day without much of my help at all. My mother, Saint Granny, let me sleep my sick belly on her bed while she watched my 3 kiddies since my bed was on a moving truck. Humbling. Thankfully aunt Lauren and Bandad were there to help her. Glad no one accused me of playing sick to avoid the work.

And now we are in the rent house surrounded by piles of boxes. My hair hasn't been brushed bc somehow that box hasn't been opened yet. Along with my bottle of Fantastic and Annette's ballet shoes.

Things I've missed this last 24 hours:
- my wonderful ice maker
- my hair conditioner (in missing box with brush)
- my neighbors
- my neighbors kids

Poor poor me. Yeah, RIGHT! I am so blessed to have this opportunity. To add more space to a house we love. To have a husband up for the challenge and who works so hard for us every day.

I'm so thankful for:

- Being only one minute away from our 'real' house.
- two sets of parents who help us with kids and meals
- A rent house that has everything we need
- the excitement of having our 'real' house expanded
- (mostly) healthy kids
- Isaac Isaac Isaac

We expect to be here for the next 6-10 months. I bet we learn A LOT in this phase of life:)

Monday, April 22, 2013


I'd heard Burns Park had a coed 3 and 4 yr old t-ball program, so I got A and C signed up. They needed some parents to step up as coaches, so Isaac volunteered. We had our first game last Monday and will play again tonight.

I was tasked with getting the kids on deck to bat. Ha! I thought this would be easy for a trained teacher but it turned out to be a bribing-pleading-praising-chasing kind of role. Tiring, but I loved it:)
My mom and sister in law Nikki and sister Lauren passed Set around while the game was going on.

During practices, Annette has seemed less than interested. Charlie just a bit more willing to chase a ball. But once it was game time, and Annette saw that crowd.... She was a competitive little thing out there. She ran to every ball and ran it to first. Maybe just a teensy bit aggressive, but overall, she had fun and did well. She hit the ball, and then ran so hard coming towards home plate that she ran right out of her shoes! She laughed and retells that story to anyone who asks about t-ball.

Charlie threw his glove in the air during fielding, but he hit the ball like a big boy and loved running the bases.

It is such a funny thing to watch these little bitties learn how to play ball. I laughed even more than I thought I would. And Isaac thanked me for signing them up on the drive home. Whew. After cat - herding practices I was worried we were in for a long season. But with patient coaches and nice weather, we should make some fun memories this season.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Admist the constant going and the diapers and feedings and pottying and putting away laundry, I want to remember the small things that are precious to me. My heart-ly keepsakes.

In no particular order.....

Charlie calls golf carts Pop carts.

Annette says ah-man at the end of our prayers. She still won't really try saying one on her own yet. Well, she will say the "God is great. God is good... " one they say at her sweet little preschool. Same with Charlie.

Along those notes, Charlie lately has been saying, "Mom, ask God to help us." The first time he said this, I was like HUH? Where is he getting this and why is he saying this out of the blue? Then I realized. Throughout the day, when I'm frustrated (today's example: having to feed a seat belt through the tiny back of a carseat AGAIN while in a hurry to get somewhere) I'll catch myself saying some sort of prayer aloud asking God to help me be patient. And now he's reminding me when I should say it! He's so aware of emotions. Sweet boy.

While coloring on the porch the other day:
Annette: It's a present. And it's on the G page. That doesn't make sense.
Me: what's another name for one of those (pointing to it)? AND That starts with a g?
Annette: a gresent?

Her ability to manipulate phonemes makes my reading teacher self want to do a toe touch.

This one was a couple of months ago, but I had to write it down before I lost this keepsake:
Me: Annette, I'm so proud of you. Your school teacher just bragged about you. She said that she wished everyone in your class had behaved like you today.
Annette: But they didn't.

Ha! Such a teacher.

Charlie calls Annette "Nettie" almost all the time.
Annette calls Set either "Setter", "Sutter Butter", or Wilson. 

Isaac went on a guys trip to fayetteville, so I them to Funland in Burns Park on Saturday after t ball pictures.

The trampoline has become a favorite spot.

Set is still the easiest baby. He will sit in his beloved bouncy seat for almost an hour without fussing a bit. Mr. Content is growing big time. He's almost 16 lbs and not even 4 months quite yet. He's cooing, and starting to bat at things with his little hands. Rolled to his sides a handful of times and laughs every once in awhile. More tricks to come in the future:)

Glad I got those written down. Something got accomplished today :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camp Anniversary

For our 6th wedding anniversary, Isaac organized a camping trip for me.
He reserved a spot, borrowed a tent and an air mattress, and drove us up to Petit Jean for the night.
Camping in a tent has been on my bucket list since we've been married and I was thrilled we were finally making it happen.

We could not have custom ordered better weather. Seriously beautiful.

My parents, with the help of Lauren, watched the kids overnight. EVEN Set...which is A LOT...especially since he still eats about twice during the night. I'm not a schedule type gal, so that's pretty much the way it will probably for awhile :)

We stopped along the way at a couple flea market, antique type places. I'm always wanting to do this, but seems like we are usually in a hurry to get to wherever we are headed. Thankful for a non rushed trip and a patient husband to let me sift through junk. Didn't find any real prizes sadly, but did find a couple little trinkets.

This nice lady took several pics of us, but her lovely finger is in all of them.

Steak, veggies, and smores

6 years ago we tied the knot. promising to love and cherish.  

What a blessing it has been. Isaac makes everything more fun. And I'm cherishing away that we have been given so much.