Monday, April 29, 2013

The big move

If my thousands of Pinterest house pins and requests for boxes weren't obvious enough, the Smiths have moving on their list.

Gratefully, we won't be leaving our street/familiar yard/best neighbors ever, for good.

Several months ago we had an architect draw up plans to build an addition that would give us more space. specifically more bedrooms (one that we could use as a playroom) and a laundry room. He drew up some really great options, and the best idea happened to be to build a second story on top of our existing floor plan. I still can't believe we are actually going to get to do this! It's very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I love to dream, so I've enjoyed the creative process. Meanwhile, there is a small side of me that is worried our choices could be all wrong once it's actually built. Luckily, I'm too positive a thinker to linger there:)

Sooooo. We have been boxing up our belongings for weeks. And we had movers come on Sunday to move us down a couple of roads to a rent house. It's amazing how I can type that event with two sentences, whereas in actuality that event felt long and momentous.

As bad timing would have it, Set has two ear infections (that are really finally bothering him) and Charlie had a mild stomach bug (which I managed to catch://). Meaning Isaac had to shoulder the whole moving day without much of my help at all. My mother, Saint Granny, let me sleep my sick belly on her bed while she watched my 3 kiddies since my bed was on a moving truck. Humbling. Thankfully aunt Lauren and Bandad were there to help her. Glad no one accused me of playing sick to avoid the work.

And now we are in the rent house surrounded by piles of boxes. My hair hasn't been brushed bc somehow that box hasn't been opened yet. Along with my bottle of Fantastic and Annette's ballet shoes.

Things I've missed this last 24 hours:
- my wonderful ice maker
- my hair conditioner (in missing box with brush)
- my neighbors
- my neighbors kids

Poor poor me. Yeah, RIGHT! I am so blessed to have this opportunity. To add more space to a house we love. To have a husband up for the challenge and who works so hard for us every day.

I'm so thankful for:

- Being only one minute away from our 'real' house.
- two sets of parents who help us with kids and meals
- A rent house that has everything we need
- the excitement of having our 'real' house expanded
- (mostly) healthy kids
- Isaac Isaac Isaac

We expect to be here for the next 6-10 months. I bet we learn A LOT in this phase of life:)

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Christy said...

I love your posts :) And your rent house is adorable! We'll take it when you're done :) ha!