Monday, April 15, 2013


Admist the constant going and the diapers and feedings and pottying and putting away laundry, I want to remember the small things that are precious to me. My heart-ly keepsakes.

In no particular order.....

Charlie calls golf carts Pop carts.

Annette says ah-man at the end of our prayers. She still won't really try saying one on her own yet. Well, she will say the "God is great. God is good... " one they say at her sweet little preschool. Same with Charlie.

Along those notes, Charlie lately has been saying, "Mom, ask God to help us." The first time he said this, I was like HUH? Where is he getting this and why is he saying this out of the blue? Then I realized. Throughout the day, when I'm frustrated (today's example: having to feed a seat belt through the tiny back of a carseat AGAIN while in a hurry to get somewhere) I'll catch myself saying some sort of prayer aloud asking God to help me be patient. And now he's reminding me when I should say it! He's so aware of emotions. Sweet boy.

While coloring on the porch the other day:
Annette: It's a present. And it's on the G page. That doesn't make sense.
Me: what's another name for one of those (pointing to it)? AND That starts with a g?
Annette: a gresent?

Her ability to manipulate phonemes makes my reading teacher self want to do a toe touch.

This one was a couple of months ago, but I had to write it down before I lost this keepsake:
Me: Annette, I'm so proud of you. Your school teacher just bragged about you. She said that she wished everyone in your class had behaved like you today.
Annette: But they didn't.

Ha! Such a teacher.

Charlie calls Annette "Nettie" almost all the time.
Annette calls Set either "Setter", "Sutter Butter", or Wilson. 

Isaac went on a guys trip to fayetteville, so I them to Funland in Burns Park on Saturday after t ball pictures.

The trampoline has become a favorite spot.

Set is still the easiest baby. He will sit in his beloved bouncy seat for almost an hour without fussing a bit. Mr. Content is growing big time. He's almost 16 lbs and not even 4 months quite yet. He's cooing, and starting to bat at things with his little hands. Rolled to his sides a handful of times and laughs every once in awhile. More tricks to come in the future:)

Glad I got those written down. Something got accomplished today :)


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