Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camp Anniversary

For our 6th wedding anniversary, Isaac organized a camping trip for me.
He reserved a spot, borrowed a tent and an air mattress, and drove us up to Petit Jean for the night.
Camping in a tent has been on my bucket list since we've been married and I was thrilled we were finally making it happen.

We could not have custom ordered better weather. Seriously beautiful.

My parents, with the help of Lauren, watched the kids overnight. EVEN Set...which is A LOT...especially since he still eats about twice during the night. I'm not a schedule type gal, so that's pretty much the way it will probably for awhile :)

We stopped along the way at a couple flea market, antique type places. I'm always wanting to do this, but seems like we are usually in a hurry to get to wherever we are headed. Thankful for a non rushed trip and a patient husband to let me sift through junk. Didn't find any real prizes sadly, but did find a couple little trinkets.

This nice lady took several pics of us, but her lovely finger is in all of them.

Steak, veggies, and smores

6 years ago we tied the knot. promising to love and cherish.  

What a blessing it has been. Isaac makes everything more fun. And I'm cherishing away that we have been given so much.


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