Monday, April 22, 2013


I'd heard Burns Park had a coed 3 and 4 yr old t-ball program, so I got A and C signed up. They needed some parents to step up as coaches, so Isaac volunteered. We had our first game last Monday and will play again tonight.

I was tasked with getting the kids on deck to bat. Ha! I thought this would be easy for a trained teacher but it turned out to be a bribing-pleading-praising-chasing kind of role. Tiring, but I loved it:)
My mom and sister in law Nikki and sister Lauren passed Set around while the game was going on.

During practices, Annette has seemed less than interested. Charlie just a bit more willing to chase a ball. But once it was game time, and Annette saw that crowd.... She was a competitive little thing out there. She ran to every ball and ran it to first. Maybe just a teensy bit aggressive, but overall, she had fun and did well. She hit the ball, and then ran so hard coming towards home plate that she ran right out of her shoes! She laughed and retells that story to anyone who asks about t-ball.

Charlie threw his glove in the air during fielding, but he hit the ball like a big boy and loved running the bases.

It is such a funny thing to watch these little bitties learn how to play ball. I laughed even more than I thought I would. And Isaac thanked me for signing them up on the drive home. Whew. After cat - herding practices I was worried we were in for a long season. But with patient coaches and nice weather, we should make some fun memories this season.

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