Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter, and not one single family shot

We hunted eggs at PV with Doc and Nonnie and Amber and Cruz on Saturday. Because of the rain, the hunt was held at the indoor tennis courts.

 The petting zoo was under another covered area. Charlie is pouting below because he was having to wait his turn to hold a bunny.

Notice the blue icing on Set's forehead. The picture below is the only one we managed to get of all 3 of them. Pitiful.

Oh this little guy. He melts my heart. Enjoying this last season with him wearing jon jons. I've definitely pushed the limits with them :)

Here they were at their pre school this past week.

After church, we went to my cousin Sydney's house out in the country. It was muddy, but the sun came out and the kids got to run around, fish, hold and pet farm animals, and get oh so dirty.

 and hunt more eggs.

It was a wonderful Easter weekend.
And somehow I managed to walk away with not even one picture of the five of us as a family. 
But I did get this cute one of Set and my amazing sister, Lauren.

Here you can find our pics from the past couple of Easter weekends.

 Oh, Happy Day.
We sang that song at church this morning (and last night) and it has been playing through my mind over and over. 
Oh, happy day. He washed our sins away.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Some Extras

I forgot to post some pics from the beach that I want to hold on to. And here are some other random pics from my phone that are keepers.

We plan to hunt eggs tomorrow and again on Sunday... despite the rainy forecast.

Excited to celebrate the reason for my Hope this weekend. Hope that there is more to this life than what we see with our eyes. Hope in the risen Lord.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sandy Smatterings 2013

So, I was able to blog some while we were at the beach. That's right.... WERE. Past tense. We are home now. It's bittersweet as it always seems when we return home from a fun vacay. It was nice to pull into our driveway and give the kids a bath in our familiar and homey surroundings. To have the kids in bed already!!:)) But I do already miss that warmer weather, the easy chance to get a sun tan, and the no-chore style setting. 
With a few extra hands around this past week, it makes sense I had time to post some pictures on this here blog. I am so appreciative for this spring break vacation. It was a true, relaxing treat. 

Here are a few of the pics I haven't secured on the world wide web. I don't trust myself, my computer, or my memory card to keep up with these pictures. Maybe, with the combo of the aforementioned, AND with me posting them on this blog, these photos will manage to survive. 

Our attempt at beach pictures this season......

He is STILL the easiest baby ever. Oh, how we wuv our wittle wilson setzler smith. His cheeks are so soft and his eyes are so blue.... he's just so so squeezable.

His big sister and big brother are wonderful to squeeze too.

 Check out Chas' new cheese face.

Besides that fact that I could be hiding twins in my billowing dress and the red hair tie that I of course left on my wrist, this bottom picture makes me smile. Thanks, Callie, for capturing our family on this trip.

So grateful you joined us, Set. 

Happy end of spring break.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Water Sound Beach

We are staying in Water Sound on 30A. This place has been perfect for our family.
It has lakes and bridges and bikes and parks and put put and poolside restaurants and a golf cart (might have been our favorite amenity:) and heated pools and access to a gorgeous beach.

The mornings have been cool, so we've found other things to do rather than head to the beach first thing. The dads took the kids bowling, roller skating and other fun things. Our kids have had so so so much fun.

Callie, our sitter, had a birthday while we were here. The girls were excited to make cupcakes for her.