Friday, March 15, 2013

Pre Beach

I'm just so so excited!

We are headed to the beach!!

Not looking forward to the next 12 or so hours in the car with three kids 4 and under, but I'm telling myself it will be worth the crazy car trip when I get to feel that beach breeze.

But before I post pics of car ride activities and sandy bottoms, I needed to pour some recent iPhone pics I don't want to forget.

You'll see a picture of Set's goopy eye. It's been that way for almost a month. Yuck. Two doctors appts later it's finally gone since yesterday.

We've enjoyed the nice weather of late.
The porch has been filled with neighbors each evening which is one of my favorite things about spring... and our street. Kids Everywhere. A and C had tBall orientation this last week. Guess who got roped in to being head coach? My cool husband. I can't wait to see him with 7 or 8 three and 4 year old girls and boys running round a field . No, I didn't get asked to be assistant coach. But I might make myself useful anyways. ;)

We are in Ike's packed tight Tahoe on the road to the beach now. All 7 of us. (We are bringing two sitters with us!! Wowza:)))

Happy Spring Break!!

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Mar Mar said...

Where are you going? I'm in Destin.