Saturday, March 9, 2013

Parachute Party for Charlie


He has run around telling everyone that he turned 3 today.

Charlie absolutely loves going to Tumble-n-Play at the Racquet Club each Friday, so we had his party there today.

It could not have been a prettier day for my sweet boy's birthday.

The room is pretty small and gets crowded quickly, so we just had family and a handful of friends come.

As we were driving to the party, I asked Charlie if he was excited to blow out the candles on a cupcake this year. (Last year he cried.) He said he did want to. (Yay:)

 Then, Annette says "I can help you blow them out." And Charlie says, "I don't need any help." 
Annette says, "Well if you change your mind, I'll help you."
Charlie says, "I don't want to change my mind."
Annette says, "If you do, I'll help."
And it went on and on until we got there.

Once again, Nonnie made the most wonderful cookies to go along with our parachute theme. Loved them. Ate three of them.

The kiddos took home a parachute man too.

Set slept the entire time.

I tried several times to get a picture with Charlie, but he was wayyyy too busy for that.

Annette let Charlie blow them out. And looked on happily. Good girl, Nette.

And the one picture of the five of us. I have triple thoughts about sharing this purposely smaller image. It's not good of any of us, but it seems like a good idea to document that we were all there to celebrate our sweet hearted Charles.

Charlie, you capture people's hearts everywhere you go. 
You're easy to please, easy to play with, and a natural at any kind of sport.
You are so rough and tough, but are just as gentle and snuggly when its time to settle down.

We are so blessed by your 3 precious years and love you to the clouds and back.
(like that nod to the theme?:)

your cheesy, themey mom,

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Carol said...

You know themey, cheesy is the best, right? It all turned out so cute! Way to go!