Friday, March 1, 2013

Small Smatterings: Let's Call It A Month

Wanted to recap some of the Smith smatterings from February.

My big camera has not been out much since I've had this new baby taking up one of my arms.

But that should hopefully change soon since I'm finally taking a photo class!!! With the great Jacob Slaton, no less. We start next week and I'm excited. Ready to start taking some less blurry pictures. Yet, these iPhone pics do a pretty good job summing up the February smatterings at the Smith house.

Isaac and I went to the heart ball a couple weekends ago. Fun to see him in a tux. And to be kid free for an evening.

I know this baby face will only last for oh so long and so I don't mind if these pics of Set's sweet face are redundant.

All of the sudden, Charlie is playing with Annette's dolls more than Annette is. You'd think he'd had a new sibling or something ;)

I have had to let a few more battles go these days. Including some of Annette's wardrobe ideas.

This was a funny moment to me. The wind was really strong one morning, so Isaac told the kids to walk backwards. Cute moment.

Isaac getting Set to smile and coo. The kids are taking extra long baths these days. Gives us a chance to sit down and settle down before our earlier bedtimes.

We eat at home most nights, but I was a bit stir crazy one day so we took all 3 to ZaZa. We've done this several other times too (braving and wrangling three wild ones in front of a hungry audience), and it was only slightly crazy. 

This silly girl. She can be very spirited and strong willed as always. Yet, I do want to document that this week, THIS WEEK, she has been more respectful and more thoughtful of others. We are going through this book at my Bloom Bible study, wish I could say I've read most of it, but I haven't been disciplined enough to do that. However, I've read enough tidbits to inspire me to try a few new things with disciplining and teaching my Annette. Hearing Cary Collins speak SO honestly about parenting is fuel to my heart.  
Thank you, God, for blessing me with some guidance through Your Word and the experience of others. 

Parenting is not all smiles and crafts, that's for sure. And disciplining is probably one of my weak spots.
It also brings tears sometimes. And I can't stop thinking about some of our best friends, the Lewis' whose baby Henry went to Heaven a couple of weeks ago. Talk about HARD.
Praying that the Lord will bring healing to their family.

Trying to capture a smile. I spend way too much time taking pictures of his expressions. 

Last night, we were cooking supper and the kids entertained Set. Pantsless of course. 

~ morgan

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