Friday, February 22, 2013

Set's Second Month

Set turned 2 months this week.

Having number 3 is quite different from having number 1. 
Different baby + 2 older siblings + less nervous mom  + hands-on Dad =  Really nice, yet messy, experience.

I keep looking at Set and thinking, "You are going to look JUST like your dad". I decided to pull out Isaac's scrapbook of his childhood his mom made him to compare baby pics. That book is one of our most treasured items. Thanks, Nonnie.

See a resemblance?!? I sure do. 

Here is Doc, Dr. Charles Wilson Smith holding Isaac as a baby above....
and then below walking with Constance Annette and Charlies Isaac Smith the second.  Holding hands on Sunday after lunch.

Here is one of Set's many faces this past week.  He can also smile, but it's hard to catch it on camera since we still have to act like little high pitched clowns to earn one.

The kids try to get him to smile and stick his tongue out. I've gotten more confident in my ability to take all 3 of them out. Bystanders usually offer their help, opening doors, carrying trays, loading groceries and such. Love those kind gestures.

Took him to the doctor today. His eye has been running for several days and  he's remained congested for most of his life.  
The doc said he has an ear infection and the eye issues are probably related to a sinus/ear/eye infection.
Sooo once again he's had to endure another sickness. Poor December babies.

He weighed 13.11 lbs. So big.
He's outgrowing almost everything I had planned for him including almost all of Charlie's old things. I can happily fix that problem though.

Still my most laid back baby. Prefers to be held, in baby bjorn, or swing most of the day. But sleeps and eats very well and cries little. Hardly even cries in the car. Loves his paci.
I have yet to even attempt at getting you on a schedule. No desire to get you to sleep through the night yet.
 I'll save that less fun stuff for later. 

Looking forward to the weekend. And teaching class on Saturday while Ike is Mr. Mom all day :))


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Carol said...

High Pitched Clowns. Would love to see that! He is precious!