Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

My sweethearts

The picture above is Set's first smile caught on camera. Of course, his Daddy got the first real smile. Stinker.

I found tic tacs on sale a few weeks ago and decided they would be fun to use as Valentines for my kid's classmates at their preschool. Then, I used some paper tape to cover the label. Thanks, Mandy for letting me use your leftover tape.

Then, I found this free Tic Tac Toe printable here.

Should have found the right size clear bag. Should have put staples nicely in the corners. But they still turned out pretty cute. Annette and Charlie put the heart stickers on each little box.

Someone please be my perfectionist for me (hint hint, sister) and offer to take my ideas and turn them into neatly done products. 

And last night, Isaac took me to Savoy. Isaac's mom watched Set and my mom watched A and C. A kid free night... which was quite nice and very different from our last year's family v-day dinner.
It was our first time at the restaurant. The food was amazing.
Next big occasion or celebration, I would love to go back. 

It was a nice day celebrating all the LOVE around us.
I missed having a valentine play date like we did last year with all our pals, but thankful the kids got to have a little party at school.

Happy day after Valentine's Day!
Happy Birthday sister Lauren!
I'll be posting about your birthday party sometime this weekend.


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The Bells said...

Glad you had a night out! New restaurant? What IS that dish you had?