Monday, June 23, 2014

Set is 18 months

Set had his 18 month check up last week.

Weighed in at 27 lbs (80th percentile)  and 34 inches (95th percentile). He was due for one shot. Got it, and didn't cry AT ALL. On the way there and while we waited Charlie (especially) and Annette were ultra worried about him. I told them that Set didn't remember about shots and that I'm glad he didn't so that he wouldn't be worried. Charlie said that he wished Set knew. It was precious and like he was totally feeling the pain and worry FOR Set. Sibling love. It is STRONG.

My big boy. My big active precious boy.

He can all out run now, he can gallop, he can shoot balls quite impressively. He's a clown. He's growing up right before my loving eyes. 

He's not real chatty yet. Lots of squeals and grunts still. Probably due to being our number 3, and the 8 ear infections he had before his tubes (one year ago at 6 months). He's had only one more infection since they were put in. So I'm super glad we had them put in. One tube fell out a few months ago and one is still hanging in there. He says about 10 words consistently.  (Ball, Woof woof, mama, dada, more, out, uh-oh, hi, cheese, onetwothree, oh and he can roar:)) .  And can understand about 100% of what we say. 

This is a busy busy age, but one of my favorite stages bc he's learning so much at every moment of the day. I don't get to sit down at all hardly with him around. Thankful he takes great naps and sleeps in til after 8 every morning! Because the boy does not stop while he's awake. 

He's obsessed wih shoes, chocolate, water, any type of drink dispenser, balls (still), riding toys, and jumping off things. 

How do you explain to your kids how much you love them?!? 

Because it is such a big enormous heart feeling that no spoken or written words will do justice. 

Love you, my growing mr. Set. Trust me that it's more than I can ever explain. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

My sister on the runway

My sister, Lauren, was diagnosed with leukemia 4.5 years ago. Back when I was preggo with Charlie.

It's hard to think back to those first days when I learned firsthand what cancer felt like when it hit my own immediate family. My own little sister. I go back and forth on whether it's worth remembering the details of such a painful time. But on a night like last night, I want to remember and reflect and grow from it.

I'll never forget her bone pain or nose bleeds on Christmas Day. 
Meeting her at the ER a few days later... trying to comfort her. 
The doctor returning with the blood test results.
Hearing the word leukemia. 
Realizing I didn't know how to correctly spell the word leukemia when it was time to text my other sister and brother and sleeping husband at home. 
The people we called to start praying. 
Learning the difference in T cell and B cells. And ALL (her type) and AML. 
The chemo that was started within 24 hrs. And continued for 2 years. 
Lauren having to spend the night there for the next 30 (or was it more?) days, never leaving. 
Returning to the hospital so many times bc of fevers.
The pneumonia battles. 
The mental battles. 
The faith battles.

My heartbeat is so fast just typing these words. It was torture. I'll be honest. And that was for ME. I can't imagine how my mom felt. Or dad. How Lauren felt. 

Torture going through so many awful AWFUL procedures. Lumbar punctures, intrathecal injections, port placements, triple lumen catheter placements..... Watching a medical  type of cork screw be twisted through my 24 year old sister's back. While she is fully conscious. Holding her hand and praying harder than I've ever prayed in my life.

She's had that same bone marrow biopsy done countless times over the last 4.5 years. She is so so stinking tough. And you have to be when it comes to life threatening cancer like leukemia. No choice. 

Praise my Father in Heaven, after each round of chemo my sister got wonderful test results. It worked. She lost her hair, a  year of PT school, a hip, and will prob need two more joint replacements in the next few years. The pics of those hospital stays and neutropenia are too sad to post. But 4 years later, she is still cancer free. And it brings me so much joy to have her. 

It was one the greatest learning experiences of my life. I could go on forever about what God taught us through this.

Last night we celebrated her survival at the Rock the Runway event. All proceeds went to helping other women fighting cancer at UAMS and the Fighting Fancy foundation. 

Isaac knows a thing or two about tragedy. And he helped our family overcome this experience in a thousand ways. 

Lauren's sweet guy, Andrew :)

Now I can stop crying and be glad that we are on the other side of this story. I remember meeting Dr. Stephanie Mckelvey randomly at someone's house and balling while talking to her. Telling her that if she made it through leukemia in her 20s, that my sister could too. And now she is one of Lauren's doctors. They have both beaten this disease and have lived to tell the story. I admire them big time. 

Thanks, Taylor's, for joining us to support Lauren!!!

It was a great night. Lots of fun for a very dear cause. 

Love you, sis! (The one who reads every blog post first;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day, my birthday, and a few more

My birthday landed on Father's Day this year. Isaac and I took turns celebrating each other, ha!

On saturday night, Isaac took me and a couple of friends to Sushi Cafe. 

He is a super super husband and a great great father. A shockingly great father. I say shockingly bc he can take all three kids to the store and birthday parties and anywhere else with such ease. Things that wear ME out. 
I'm just about envious of his natural fun way with the kids.

 It's truly the greatest gift to have a husband who can love me and our kids SO very very well. Consistently. 

On Sunday night, we went to my moms for dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my bday. 

The kids made me the sweetest cards. And Ike got me a new camera lens!! Wahoo! Can't wait to start playing with it. 

In other news, Annette has been enjoying her tennis lessons at rebsamen. 

Annette and Charlie have gone to some play days at St. Marks. 

A family on our block moved to the Chicago area, so we had a farewell swim party. 

We will miss you, kershaws! 

It was a great first week of summer break, for sure. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School year wrap up

Sent Annette to pre-k4 for the final time today. She's skipping tomorrow, which I think by this point is a total non issue. About a quarter of the school seemed absent even yesterday. My little all star pupil Annette has not complained about going to school once this whole year. So she hasn't minded a bit going even this late into June. Waking her up when she's still sleepy and cranky... Yes, but she always wanted to go. The girl would just about cry if I told her we were going to miss any school. Even if I was just picking her up early for something. (Charlie is just a tad different;) She just loves it. Her teachers have been wonderful. Mrs. Walter and her assistant teacher, Mrs. Shawntell, were the perfect match for my Annette. 

So grateful for our school. This was their graduation ceremony. 

Some of the artwork I want to remember....

(Back in october she said she had a brother named tyler, ha. her make believe stories have become less frequent.)

Tubs of more art and writings are stored at the top of her closet. Which is a tad scary bc we have so many years of artwork to go. A good happy scary though.

Here she is as she was about to get in her daddy's car. #wethairdontcare
Thankful for their morning routine together. And that I don't have to get Set in the car so early each day;)

back in August

Charlie finished up his year at St. Marks also, a few weeks ago.

At 2:35 pm we are officially on summer break, and will probably head to the pool :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Curtis Barn Wedding

This weekend was Isaac's little sister's (6th of 6 siblings) wedding at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville. 

I'd never been there, which almost made me sad bc it was such a pretty place. And it's right off of razorback road near the stadium... Still surprised at how conveniently located this gorgeous place was. 

We drove up to Fayetteville after Annette's circus performance at school. She was the sweetest little unicorn. 

There were strongmen (Charlie's fav) elephants, tightrope walkers, and even two bearded ladies! That was Annette's favorite part. We parents laughed a lot. It was great. 

We stayed at the Pratt place Inn with the rest of Isaac's family. It's this gorgeous southern style bed and breakfast that was so beautiful that pics don't do it justice. And it was really special having the whole place to ourselves for the weekend. The cousins could run around everywhere. We enjoyed all the meals together on the spacious covered porches. It was just wonderful. 

The view from our room...

The barn was a short walk away. 


Annette in awe:)

Getting ready was fun bc we girls had a big room all to ourselves. 

One of Connie's friends had the perfect lunch for all of us. She thought of everything. 

Pictures went smoothly and then it was time for the wedding. 

My parents were able to come which was  nice. They held Set during wedding. He wasn't a cooperative ring bearer. 

Selfies with aunt lauren. She was in the house party. Her guy (Andrew) and Dennis (the groom) have been friends since high school, so they've all become frequent double daters. 


Connie made the cakes. And the quilt.  Oh my goodness they were so so good. 

I love weddings. They remind me of how much fun we had on our wedding day, and how blessed I am to have married Isaac. So happy for these two! Praying for a lifetime of love for them.