Monday, June 23, 2014

Set is 18 months

Set had his 18 month check up last week.

Weighed in at 27 lbs (80th percentile)  and 34 inches (95th percentile). He was due for one shot. Got it, and didn't cry AT ALL. On the way there and while we waited Charlie (especially) and Annette were ultra worried about him. I told them that Set didn't remember about shots and that I'm glad he didn't so that he wouldn't be worried. Charlie said that he wished Set knew. It was precious and like he was totally feeling the pain and worry FOR Set. Sibling love. It is STRONG.

My big boy. My big active precious boy.

He can all out run now, he can gallop, he can shoot balls quite impressively. He's a clown. He's growing up right before my loving eyes. 

He's not real chatty yet. Lots of squeals and grunts still. Probably due to being our number 3, and the 8 ear infections he had before his tubes (one year ago at 6 months). He's had only one more infection since they were put in. So I'm super glad we had them put in. One tube fell out a few months ago and one is still hanging in there. He says about 10 words consistently.  (Ball, Woof woof, mama, dada, more, out, uh-oh, hi, cheese, onetwothree, oh and he can roar:)) .  And can understand about 100% of what we say. 

This is a busy busy age, but one of my favorite stages bc he's learning so much at every moment of the day. I don't get to sit down at all hardly with him around. Thankful he takes great naps and sleeps in til after 8 every morning! Because the boy does not stop while he's awake. 

He's obsessed wih shoes, chocolate, water, any type of drink dispenser, balls (still), riding toys, and jumping off things. 

How do you explain to your kids how much you love them?!? 

Because it is such a big enormous heart feeling that no spoken or written words will do justice. 

Love you, my growing mr. Set. Trust me that it's more than I can ever explain. 

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