Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School year wrap up

Sent Annette to pre-k4 for the final time today. She's skipping tomorrow, which I think by this point is a total non issue. About a quarter of the school seemed absent even yesterday. My little all star pupil Annette has not complained about going to school once this whole year. So she hasn't minded a bit going even this late into June. Waking her up when she's still sleepy and cranky... Yes, but she always wanted to go. The girl would just about cry if I told her we were going to miss any school. Even if I was just picking her up early for something. (Charlie is just a tad different;) She just loves it. Her teachers have been wonderful. Mrs. Walter and her assistant teacher, Mrs. Shawntell, were the perfect match for my Annette. 

So grateful for our school. This was their graduation ceremony. 

Some of the artwork I want to remember....

(Back in october she said she had a brother named tyler, ha. her make believe stories have become less frequent.)

Tubs of more art and writings are stored at the top of her closet. Which is a tad scary bc we have so many years of artwork to go. A good happy scary though.

Here she is as she was about to get in her daddy's car. #wethairdontcare
Thankful for their morning routine together. And that I don't have to get Set in the car so early each day;)

back in August

Charlie finished up his year at St. Marks also, a few weeks ago.

At 2:35 pm we are officially on summer break, and will probably head to the pool :)

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