Sunday, June 1, 2014

Curtis Barn Wedding

This weekend was Isaac's little sister's (6th of 6 siblings) wedding at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville. 

I'd never been there, which almost made me sad bc it was such a pretty place. And it's right off of razorback road near the stadium... Still surprised at how conveniently located this gorgeous place was. 

We drove up to Fayetteville after Annette's circus performance at school. She was the sweetest little unicorn. 

There were strongmen (Charlie's fav) elephants, tightrope walkers, and even two bearded ladies! That was Annette's favorite part. We parents laughed a lot. It was great. 

We stayed at the Pratt place Inn with the rest of Isaac's family. It's this gorgeous southern style bed and breakfast that was so beautiful that pics don't do it justice. And it was really special having the whole place to ourselves for the weekend. The cousins could run around everywhere. We enjoyed all the meals together on the spacious covered porches. It was just wonderful. 

The view from our room...

The barn was a short walk away. 


Annette in awe:)

Getting ready was fun bc we girls had a big room all to ourselves. 

One of Connie's friends had the perfect lunch for all of us. She thought of everything. 

Pictures went smoothly and then it was time for the wedding. 

My parents were able to come which was  nice. They held Set during wedding. He wasn't a cooperative ring bearer. 

Selfies with aunt lauren. She was in the house party. Her guy (Andrew) and Dennis (the groom) have been friends since high school, so they've all become frequent double daters. 


Connie made the cakes. And the quilt.  Oh my goodness they were so so good. 

I love weddings. They remind me of how much fun we had on our wedding day, and how blessed I am to have married Isaac. So happy for these two! Praying for a lifetime of love for them. 

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