Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pools, the Lake, and Vegas

Isaac's annual work trip to Vegas...where I get to tag along kid free thanks to grandparents and babysitters

It was fun, and a wonderdul break to recharge... But I was more ready than ever to get back to these kids.  Probably bc we were supposed to get home about 3pm and didn't make it home until about 9:30pm. They are pretty lovely to come home to. 

Annette's school field trip to Funland at burns park was the next day. 

Set wasn't so sure ab the rides. 

Charlie had his last day of preschool. 

Neighbors came over for grilling and Popsicles. 

We went to the pool and lake this holiday weekend. 

Uncle Thad joined us

Charlie took this pic of me and set:)

Set is such a hazard by the pool. Eats the sunscreen and hates the floaties, puddle jumpers, etc. Know he will get used to them soon enough. Because I plan to be at the pool as much as possible this summer. 

Annette still has two more weeks of school to go and then she will be with us in the mornings again. 

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