Monday, May 5, 2014

May Days

May is so lovely. I kind of wish my name was May.

--- It's such a treat to go on field trips (this one to a gymnastics place) with Annette. 

The kids helped me finish this project, finally....

This dresser came with a bed I found on Craigslist for Annette's room. It was a steal. So I knew it wouldn't be a big deal if the kids helped me on this one. We chalk painted it in Annie Sloan's cocoa.

You can see the finished product behind the tea party below. Charlie's smaller old brown wooden dresser moved to our master as a side table. It worked out perfectly.

Our new neighbors and some of our BFFs are moving in across the street right this minute! SO SO glad to have them so super close.

Trip to the zoo...

Mini sand boxes...

We teamed up with the Taylors to cook some food for a fundraiser at Annette's school.
Pork tacos via the PK grills...

I got to pretend like I was Picasso... I mean PorKasso....

For dessert, Brian and Isaac grilled up some sugared pears. THESE were AMAZING!!!

Isaac was out of town a couple of nights last week, which means I usually let the big kids in bed with me. Quality time and it makes bedtime easier on me:)
Charlie told Isaac when he got home: "Daddy, when you go out of town next time, will you please not leave?"
It was so so precious.
Speaking of precious, watch Charlie singing at his little pre school.

Set wanted to sing in a chair too. 

Charles' pal Will. 

Grandad and Set have a special bond:)

Lots of happies in this season of life. 

~ morgan

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That grilled pear looks amazing!