Thursday, May 15, 2014

Block party and other May fun

Last year we helped host a block party on our street. It was a hit, so we had another one this year. Even bigger hit;)

It's nice being close to our neighbors. Such a sense of community! Very grateful for this 'extended family'. 

Water squirters filled in water buckets. 

Resulting in several Set outfit changes

Jump houses 



Glowing lanterns

Love living life in our front yards together. 

Other fun:

Set and I love tumble n play class

Disney on Ice with some friends from school

Mothers Day was wonderful. Every year a reminder of how undeservedly blessed I am. 

I'm in shock that Annette wasn't in the mood to take a picture. Ha. 

She won't turn down a craft though. That's for sure. 

Getting I golf mode around here... Isaac plays in a tournament this weekend. 

And it's a happy early start to the weekend bc my new barstools came in (finally!) We can now sit at the bar, wahoo!

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